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Testing for T1 in 3 year old? What's normal?

Ok it all started 3 weeks ago. My daughter had what we thought was a stomach virus well the vomiting and all stopped rather quickly however the fever and tiredness, crankness, bed wetting, night sweats, excessive hunger and thirst and stomach pains back pains seemed to hang around going on 3 weeks now. They ordered labs and we return on Monday however they are checking for T1 diabetes. I am keeping a running log of of blood sugars. Sometimes they will bc 83  before meals and soemtiems they are 106,117, after meals they can range from 120-183, bed time can be from 89-126, durning the night it's been about 105-130, and first thing in morning it can be from 90 to this morning it was 110. She is on no medication. No prior health issues before this. She was potty trained completely and no wet beds in over a year. Until recently she was a happy healthy little girl. Now I find her napping more which she never napped. Loved to play out side or play period. I know I have to wait for labs and a doctors answer. But I can't seem to find any information on a 3 year olds blood sugar and I would like to know what a safe level is. I feel the ones close to 200 aren't normal but again I have almost zero knowledge of diabetes. So I apologize in advance. Thank you for any help.
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It is not.
Do you happen to know where they should be? Like a "safe range"? I'm trying see what's safe and when I should head to ER instead of waiting for doctor on Monday. Again sorry if this seems like silly ? But I've never had any knowledge of blood sugars as it's not something I've ever delt with.
Hi, if her numbers are less than 200 you should be ok to wait until Monday.  If you see numbers over 200, particularly if they don't come down as you monitor it over an hour or two, then I would personally consider an earlier follow up.   Hope you find answers soon.
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To answer further.  Normal blood sugar in a non-diabetic child is typically in the range of 60 - 90.

The numbers you are seeing close to 200 are definitely not normal.

The problem with finger stick testing is that you may miss the peaks (been seeing this with my daughter now that I've got her on a continuous monitor).

It does sound like diabetes, unfortunately.  Hope that you can get some answers soon.

I will ask you to look into the Typeonegrit group on facebook.  This is a large group of parents managing their children's and  their own type 1 diabetes with low carb diet, and insulin.

Another great resournce is "Bernstein Diabetes University" on U-tube.  There is also a lecture for parents when their kids are first diagnosed.   Link below.


Please come back and let us know how you're going and how your daughter is going.
Thank you for information you have given me I will definately be checking into all of it. I was instructed to test her before meals and 2 hours after. And if she was acting strange just really tired or cold sweats or hard to wake. I wish Monday would come sooner. I just hate seeming her so not her self. She doesn't wanna play or anything. I'm sorrry. But again thank you for your help. And I will most certainly be checking into all of that.
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Well.... we are being send to a pediatric endocrinologist. They are trying to get us in this week. Said he levels were high they should be around 70-110 no more than 120. I am to continue testing first thing in morning. And before she eats and 2 hours after she eats. And anytime she starts to act lethargic or not her self. And not to restrict her diet until we see endo that way he can have the full picture. He was really scared when he blood sugar was 203 3.5 hours after she ate.
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