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The Inhaler for children

I heard that instead of taking insulin shots, they are coming out with a medicine using an inhaler. My 9 year old nephew has type 1 diabetes, and it would make his life a lot easier if they came out with an inhaler for children. I know they have them for adults, but do they have them for children?

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Thank you for posting your question on our site, unfortunately I personally am not up to speed on the insulin inhaler.  I do know that indeed the FDA did approve EXUBERA developed by Pfizer as the first insulin delivery system that is inhaled.  

I did do a little research and found that on October 18th 2007 Pfizer posted an announcement on their website that they will no longer be making EXUBERA.  They also announced they were returning its EXUBERA rights to Nektar Therapuetics.

I also checked the Nektar website and found a press release stating:

SAN CARLOS, Calif., April 9, 2008, 2008 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX News Network/ --
Nektar Therapeutics (Nasdaq: NKTR) announced today that it has ceased all negotiations with potential partners for its inhaled insulin programs as a result of new data analysis from ongoing clinical trials conducted by Pfizer Inc. An increase in the number of new cases of lung cancer was observed in inhaled insulin patients as compared to the control group. All new incidences of lung cancer were in patients that are former smokers.
I, of course, do not know if anything has developed since this information was posted.  But it will be interesting to watch and perhaps someone else has more up to date information.
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