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Toddler High blood sugar?

My almost 2.5 year old daughter has been drinking more liquids lately and I checked her blood sugar out of curiosity with my husbands monitor.  Right after she was done eating goldfish crackers and juice I checked her and the reading was 176.  I did not wash her hands and I read online that could affect the results.  She went to sleep 15 minutes later at 7 pm and I checked her three hours later and it was 101 (I cleaned her hands).  I checked her again in the morning at 6 am and it was 96.  I called my doctors office and the nurse did not know if these were normal numbers so she will be seeing her doctor this afternoon.  Should I be concerned?
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This is a little difficult to tell, however, I will give you my thoughts and opinion. The way that a diagnosis of Diabetes is made these days is this.  If she were to have a fasting blood glucose test of over 120 more than 2-3 times a definitive diagnosis would be made.  Also, if she were to have a random test one time and it was 200 or more, she would be diagnosed with Diabetes.  You must take into consideration, that even a normal person, after eating, blood sugars can and will rise. It would not be neccasarily unusual for a normal non-Diabetics blood sugar to go into the high 100's after eating. Of course I am not a physician and can not make an official diagnosis, I would be leaning that your daughter is probably not a Diabetic from the information you have given me.
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