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Transplants of insulin-producing cells from pigs could provide a diabetes cure w

I thought this an interesting article i would pass on.

Transplants of insulin-producing cells from pigs could provide a diabetes cure within a decade, scientists say.

What do you think?
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I am not a physician, but a volunteer and the mom of a type one diabetic.

I read the article, but the problem still will be the anti rejection drugs. A person will still have to be on them for life and most likely it will not be approved for children.

I hope and wish that there will be a cure in my and my daughter
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Gday Wolfenastar,
Thats a starnge name dude are you an American Indian?  The good news is that the clever doctors down under have come up with a potential cure for diabetes. They are extracting insulin producing cells from the donated pancreases of recently deceased patients and coating them in a seaweed solution and then injected them into the patient with diabetes.
The great news is that the immune cells can not break through the seaweed and the patient does not have to have anti rejection drugs.  
They procedure has recently been carried out at by doctors from the University of New South Wales with the patient having a complete reversal of her diabetic symptoms. Time will tell about this procedure but its the best news I've heard in about 21 years.
God Australians are great aren't they.
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