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Type 1 Diabetes and Pregnancy

I'm curious to hear stories of successes and complications from being a type 1 diabetic and also being pregnant.  I'm not worried about GETTING pregnant, but I am a little worried about my brittle type 1 diabetes and the extreme swings - I go from high to low very quickly and vice versa - it's extremely difficult to stay in range even on a strict diet and insulin pump.  

When it comes time for me to get pregnant, what do I have to worry about?  I'm most worried about seizures right now - will I be able to carry a baby if I'm prone to getting hypogylycemic related seizures?

Thanks in advance.
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I have both the success and complications of being a pregnant type 1 diabetic. Being pregnant adds more risk to mom, baby, and/or both. Bloodsugars affect the baby so it is extremely important to monitor your health and keep bloodsugar levels within very tight control. I had my first baby at 17 and kept my health in the best control that i could and probably ever had in my life. during my pregnancy i learned she only had one kidney. After delivering her my mom noticed that she had two thumbs on her right hand called a split digit which was another complication due to being diabetic. She is now 12 and 100% healthy but w/ 1 kidny. My second pregnancy concerned me because even though i kept tight control of my diabetes during my first pregnancy, my daughter still had some health issues. At my six month check-up i was relieved to find out that she was 100% healthy with ten toes, fingers, 2 kidneys, ect... I went into labor on time and went to the hospital. This is when my life was changed forever; the nurses couldn't find her heartbeat, and after the third attempt using a vaginal instrument to monitor her heartbeat it was the look on their faces that told me she was gone. I had lost her a few days prior to labor but was unaware because i had been sick with a stomach flu. It was just one of those things that just happen with no explaination or warning. Two years ago i was admitted to the hospital for a blood transfusion because of abnormal vaginal bleeding a week after my period. I was told this happens to many women, but assured that it was not a miscarriage and many pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. I ended up having an endometrial ablasion to stop the bleeding that occured for 14 days. at my 2 wk checkup i was told that i had had a miscarriage and this was why i had severe blood loss. This also left me unable to have kids at the age of 28, and i was devastated because i had been trying to get pregnant for the last time and before i was 30 and would have even more health risks than when i was 17. I did not know i was pregnant until the 2 wk checkup.
I hope this has not scared you but rather informed you. with ur brittle diiabetes there are many concerns. it is important to discuss this with your doctor first and to plan in advance and with strict control. I had a insulin reaction during my 1st pregnancy after going without one for 4-5 yrs before. I also had "morning sickness" one time only, went to check my sugars and paniced when the level was 28. I was fully aware of everything and had no symptoms of low blood sugar.
It is possible to have kids and be diabetic but it does have many risks involved.
I did not mean to tell u a 100 page story but i thought you would like to know. I wish you the best and hope you learn and understand everything u need to for having a baby while being a diabetic too. Good luck and take care of yourself.
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I have been diabetic for 39 years.  I had two miscarriages before my first successful pregnancy.  I had been under doctor supervision three months prior to my pregnancy and during the pregnancy.  I had very tight control. The only complication was that my son was breached.  That has nothing to do with my diabetes.

My second pregnancy was different.  I was very sensitive to low-blood sugars and passed out 2 times.  Then, I developed acute anemia (not related to my diabetes) and had 2 transfussions.  I also could not eat and began vomiting all the time and was gaining 3 lbs. of water  per day.  I went into labor at 34 weeks, but her lungs were not ready.  The doctors stopped the labor three times and at 35 weeks, my daughter was born weighing 6 lbs. 9 oz..  She was very healthy.  However, after speaking with my doctor and discussing the challenges of another pregnancy, we decided to have my tubes tied at the time of delivery.  I had 2 healthy babies, but we agreed that another pregnancy would be dangerous.  I was 25 years old.  Since then, there has been major changes in the treatment of diabetic pregnant women.  You should consult a perinatologist...mine were the best and they were accessible to me 24/7.

My children are now 24 and 26.  I don't regret having them.  Looking back, I had them at the right time as the older I got, the more complications I would have had.

Take care and be positive.


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