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Type 1 and dyslipidemia

Hello, I am wondering if dyslipidemia is as much of an issue for type 1 diabetics as it is for type 2's.  The minute I was diagnosed and got the blood glucose controlled, all lipid counts were good.  Type 1 is not a result of "metabolic syndrome" and I don't see as much emphasis on statins in the Type 1 forums.

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We're all volunteers here and not physicians, so be sure to check out the info you get with your endocrinologist.

I am a long-time Type 1 (35+ years) and, on the basis of the research showing heart protection from statin meds, my endo urged me to start on a low dose of a statin med.  My cholesterol and triglycerides were very good at that time, as were my ratios.  However, increasingly, the target numbers for folks with diabetes are much lower than before and so she urged me to consider adding a statin to my routine.

I realize that this information doesn't directly answer your question, but if you're a Type 1, I hope it's helpful.
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I think you are absolutely right there. It seems that the cholesterol problems so prevalent with T2s has more to do with high insulin levels than high blood sugar levels.

My control has not been particularly good in the past. But after 28 years of being a T1 diabetic, my lipid profile has never been better and my heart attack risk is extremely low.


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