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Type 1 diabetes and the Navy SEALS

I'm a diabetic with an interest in joining the navy seals. I'm aware that in previous years that this was an automatic disqualification but the most recent post I could find was of 2005 and I was just wondering if anything has changed since then.

Thank you.
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just keep exercicing  
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Sorry to inform you but it is still an automatic disqualification :(. In 2010 I was told by a recuriter that it was a no go for me. One thing that surprises me is he told me that if I was a Type 2 and on pills he would sign a waiver. Since I am a Type 1 and NEED insulin to survive he couldn't help me. It's sad but any job that puts other people lives at risk we can't do ex: military, pilot, and even some law enforcements. With the law enforcements it's up to that department.
I have type 1 diabetes but have been insulin free for 15 months. I control my blood sugar through a gluten free and lower carb diet. Most doctor's we've talked to said that my pancreas would only produce insulin for a year max, but obviously that's not true. My blood sugar reading average from 80-130, but I recently started working out to build more muscle mass and ever since my reading have been below 120. So my question is being a type 1 diabetic but don't depend on insulin but but exercise, will I be able to join the Navy?
Hi, if you have type 1 diabetes, but don't depend on insulin then you may actually not have type 1 diabetes.  

There are other types of diabetes that can follow a different course.  These include mody type diabetes (genetic and there are various types, with different management considerations), LADA (adult onset type 1 and can be very slow onset, with dietary control).

Your current numbers would appear to mean you don't have diabetes, or it is in remission.  Of course, if you go back to your previous way of eating, then the diabetes will likely come back.

Your history may still exclude you from joining the navy.  You would have to talk to a recruitment officer to find out more details.
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