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Type 1 diabetesTaking lantus before lunch & diner 4 unit

HI .I am Type 1 diabetes from last 1 yr .
28 age male . Taking 4 unit  lantus before lunch & diner . BG level some time get low . pls suggest can I reverse my diabetes as per my doc there is no antibodies in my body damaging beta cells .
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I am surprised that you are taking lantus twice a day 4 units.

Lantus is a long acting insulin meant to support back ground insulin requirements, not to cover meals.  It is typically given once a day at the required dose.

What is low?  Low blood sugar would typically be considered less than 70.

How high is your blood sugar typically? Fasting?  After eating?

The best way to put diabetes in remission is through adopting a low carb diet.  This diet should be very low in carbs (mostly carbs from non-starchy veges, some nuts, full fat dairy), moderate in protein, and with enough fat that you will not be hungry.  Some people find that ketogenic diet can also work quite well.

Hope this helps.
@sper_sally888 ..Thanks for info.
with 4 unit lantus my low gets 30 some time depending on meal.other wise my sugar levels are in range I wanted to confirm lantus alone is sufficient for me or i need to add rapid insulin also.  

Hi.  Lantus should be used as your long acting / basal insulin.   look up basal testing, which will explain how to work out what dose of lantus you need.  Then you use fast acting insulin based on how many carbs you eat and your insulin sensitivity.

#30 is too low.  You want to keep your blood sugar in the 70 - 120 range (ideally middle of this range if you can).

You may actually need to reduce your lantus dose (properly tested to ensure the right basal dose) and then use fast acting / bolus to cover you foods.

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