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I have recently aquire a diabetic in my home. I have asked questions,  but he tells me not to be concerned. Last week I took him to the hospital and today an ambulance took him. I have no idea what to watch for or what to do. Yesterday he slept through the day, but when I ask if he's okay , he says I'm fine. Today he starts vomiting.  He was curled in a ball, screening in some sort of pain, saying he needs help. I ask what I can do, and he says he's fine and calls out another name that isn't me, saying he can't do it. So I grab his medication and hold it in front of him asking which one he needs. He refused either and begins screening again. So I called 911.
So for future reference,  what should I be doing differently?  What should I be watching for? He lives in my home, but does not inform me. I don't want to wake up to a corpse in my livingroom one day if I can help it.
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if this person in your house does not want to share about what to do in case of emergency, this will make things very difficult for you.

A person with type 1 diabetes, if uncontrolled - two hospital visits in 2 weeks is quite extreme - can have widely varying blood sugars.

There are 2 extremes:-

1. Low, treatment is some rapid acting carbs ie. orange juice / some candy etc.  Symptoms may be confusion, acting as if drunk, shaking, sweating.

2. High.  If very high and also dehydrated, and breaking down fat, there is something called diabetic ketoacidosis.  This is a medical emergency requiring insulin and hydration.

Suggest you read up on diabetes and symptoms now.

Can you insist this person at least discusses with you a plan on what to do if he is ill?

Bottom line is if he is acting really strange call 911.  
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