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Type 1 dormant until age 5?

I was born perfectly healthy, however no one expected me to have type 1- even though a few members in my family have type 2.

I had a question on how I have type 1, however I didn't start getting sick, and showing symptoms of type 1 until around 5 years old. (just before kindergarten). I know some have it when they are directly born, but why was mine delayed, or dormant until that specific time?

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it is not dormant.  It really didn't exist in you until when you were diagnosed.  It is believed that Type 1 is triggered when the body for some reason makes antibodies to it's own pancreas (Ie. starts to attack itself).  It is not known why this happens in some people - if they knew that for sure, then it would be easier to prevent.  However, it has been known to happen after an infection, or in some cases vaccination.  Did your Type 1 occur in close proximity to you having been sick or recently vaccinated.  
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Well thank you for the information, and no- I don't recall, nor my parents recall me being sick or vaccinated around that time.
Hi.  Then it just happened for unknown reason.  Most important now is that you learn all about it, so you can manage it well.  YOu can expect a long and healthy life if you are able to do this.
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