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Type 1 with dental emergency

So on the 19th, My wife was in a world of pain and really swollenafter 5 days of antibiotics. She’d taken amoxicillin and clindamycin and neither helped. She went to the surgeon and he did an I&D and extracted the tooth. He switched her to augmentin. By Monday the pain was worse, she couldn’t swallow, the cheek was bigger and she’d developed cellulitis so we went to the ED. They admitted her and on Tuesday they did another I&D and extracted 2 more teeth. They put a drain in as well. Friday her cheek was bigger than when she was admitted and was draining copious amounts of pus. On Friday the cultures came back as well and they put her on Vanco and Cipro. She had been on Clindamycin since admission.  According to the CT her parotid and submandibular glands as well as the masserteric muscle were surrounded by the infection. Early yesterday they went back in and drained everything out. Her swelling was minimal last night. Today, it’s much worse. Kinda like when we first went in. Her wbc and neutrophils are also more elevated today than than it’s been all along. An oral surgeon has done both procedures. He consulted Infectious disease, who put her on the vanco and Cipro. He’d requested an ENT consult but cancelled it yesterday after draining it. Is there anyone else that should be involved?  Any ideas as to what is going on?  I try to just let the doctors handle it but it’s so frustrating. This should’ve never gotten this bad.
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Hi, sorry to hear about your wife.  This is a very difficult situation.  Sounds like you need to insist on an ent consult and the infection diseases specialist too.  

How is her blood sugar control through all this?  Management of blood sugar levels will be really important to help manage the infection.

Hope this gets sorted soon.
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Hello! I'm sorry about your wife. How is she? I hope she feels better now. While I'm reading your post  I feel scared for my friend, she diagnoses Diabetes type2 and hoping your wife will be okay soon.
How is your friend gine1204?  
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Hello, sorry to hear about your wife.  This is a very Critical situation.How is her blood sugar ?
Hope she will get well soon
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