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Type I Diabetes-Retinopathy and Pancreatitis

My 25-yr old daughter was diagnosed with Type I diabetes when she was 11 mos old. Because her blood sugars have been out of control since she was a teenager, she now has developed retinopathy and has begun a series of surgeries. And, she was hospitalized for 5 days last week for pancreatitis. She keeps saying she just wants to give up. I along with close family and friends are trying to be very supportive, but she is not willing to make any changes to her lifestyle. We do not know what to do. Advice?
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Diabetes is a hard and frustrating disease to have and live with.  I know from experience, being diabetic for 27 years myself.  I have felt like giving up when I was younger.  I also knew that if  I didn't get it together I would be very ill and not be able to do all the things I enjoy.  
I would suggest getting her involved in a suppport group.  You can go to www.jdrf.org or ask her doctor or the hospital staff if they know of support groups at the hospital.  Maybe talking to others in her same situation would help.  Maybe she ought to see a therapist and figure out why she does not want to change her lifestyle and habits.  It sounds as if she is depressed.  Having goals for myself helped me start to take better care of myself.  I went through periods where it seemed useless and hopeless.  I went to college and then went on to get my master of education.  I am very healthy today.  I have much to live for and am very busy with my husband and two children.  If she wants any of the things I have mentioned she must start taking care of herself.  
I had a lot of support from my mother and it was very helpful. Keep supporting her but don't enable her.   She is ultimately the one who has to take a stand and decide to take care of herself.
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Pray to your lord Jesus for a healing. That is the answer. Sorry for the blunt response but that is the only answer.
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Hi I am going to agree and say pray.  I am 24 yrs old and I am struggling with diabetes1 and losing the battle.  Just as your daughter I am giving up.  I hate this disease.  I ask myself why me, why.  Why is it so hard.  I hate it!  I have lost sooo much b/c of it.  I have diabetic neuropathy.  Its awful.  I just pray my kids dont develop this curse.  May God bless you and keep your daughter strong.
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