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Unstable type 2 Diabetes

HI there,
I am a type2 diabetic on insulin. However for 8 weeks my BM has been 400-600mg/dl and I am not having ketones.

I have been to my doctor and he told be to adjust 6u per day, but still no improvement. My emergency department do not want to admit me into hospital as I am not "critical".

Symptoms include: very tired, thirsty, and weight loss... and recurrent thrush.
Eyesight has also decreased, I am so scared.

I want to know what to do.. do I wait in A&E til I am sorted, or will this stabilise eventually?
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Hi JoPenn,
This sounds like a very stressful time. Nothing is more frustrating than the inability to get control of your blood sugar, especially when it is making you sick.

I am only a parent of a diabetic teen, not a medical professional. Your question needs to be answered by a doctor. Can you reach your doctor on the phone and ask about whether to increase your insulin amounts again? Your doctor needs to work with you to get this situation under control.

Please ask for more help, and take care.
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I would certainly call my physician if I were you and report exactly what you have written to us here on the Forum. The insulins that are available right now (you did not mention which type or types you are currently taking) certainly do their peak work and then dissipate within one 24-hour day, if not sooner, so there is no benefit to waiting longer than this to see what happens. At this point, the adjustment to insulin doses is generally done EACH day, according to when the peak action of whatever type of insulin the diabetic person is taking. So if your glucose levels have not improved after several days on insulin with glucose readings still running between 400-600, I would certainly call my physician and tell him or her that this is not acceptable diabetes management in your opinion and ask him or her what changes to make. While the doctor is the person who is telling you what adjustment to make to your medications, YOU are the customer, and you can tell the doctor whether or not the results are acceptable to you. If the doctor still wishes to wait to see what happens, I would seek a second medical opinion if I were you. Adjusting an insulin dose should not be something that is done only after critical levels are seen.
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I'm another volunteer here & wanted to add that many Type 2 diabetics are initially followed by a general practitioner physician.  These generalists may not be current with complex care needed for diabetics to achieve & maintain healthy glucose levels.

A specialist, such as an endocrinologist or diabetologist should really be involved in treating diabetes.  if the physician you're working with is not one of these, then do get a referral to one.  If s/he is, then insist on a second opinion because the care is clearly not working.

It does take time for blood sugar levels to come down.  After a long period of time enduring high levels like you're reporting, it will likely feel odd/bad to have "normal" numbers.  Often docs will lower the numbers gradually so the body can adjust to healthier normal numbers.  

Good luck.
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have type 2 diabetes latey bkood sugars beteen 250 -380 seen doctor recently was put o lantus 10u did nothing called doc she said to go up to 15u been a few days should i see a specialst she says she can control has not changed does lantus take awhile to take effect an also o metformin 1000 glipizide and juniva
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