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Vitamins to help prevent hairloss

Hello, I'm 25 years old female. I've been diagnosed for type 1 diabetes since 10 years ago. I took daily dose of 4x insulin injection (3 Apidra shots and 1 Lantus shots). Lately, my BG becomes uncontrollable ( I think it's quite high since my eyes often got blurry vision once in a while, I'm pretty much sleepy all day long, and I feel sluggish). My biggest stress cause now is the level of hairloss. I lost my hair whenever I wash it, run my fingers through it, brush it, tie it, practically everything I do I lost a lot of strands.  I'm on my way to improve my BG.

However, can anyone suggest Vitamins or minerals that I could take to help reducing my hairloss?
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Hello there. Well. My first question is: are you sure that you do not have slow thyroid? It is highly common in juvenile diabetics. If you wish to look it up, it's called hypothyroidism. The two biggest symptoms are significant hair loss and extreme exhaustion.. almost like if you cant fall asleep at that moment, (even though you pretty much feel like you could sleep all day!) then you don't even have the strength to pick your head up? Does it feel almost like you're in a cloud of drowsiness and feel almost in a daze? Another very common symptom is sudden weight gain and/or struggling with weight for prolonged period of time. I'm asking because I went through the same thing for years and doctors chalked it up to "well you need to have better sugar control". Well, OBVIOUSLY! But it wasn't until my mother was diagnosed that I booked an appointment with her endocrinologist and the results showed I had VERY low thyroid (which like high thyroid, is very very dangerosus if left untreated and can make sugar control almost impossible). Doctors are reluctant to do the proper testing for low thyroid, it's a complicated process. I highly suggest you read up on it more and check out the book "The Thyroid Diet" It's not a diet, as it might seem, but a handbook on what to look for, how to get tested, how to get treated, and how to get your life back in order!

Now for the hair loss. I have QUITE thinned hair due to the diabetes and thyroid issues. I have found a little routine that is improving my hair and also making it seem a lot thicker.

1. Once a week, pour 1 teaspoon olive oil into a shot glass and put it in a larger container of hot water (dont get any water in the oil) until the oil is warm to the touch. Mix this with half a ripe avacado, and half a banana. Mash them all together until it forms a paste. Put the mixture on freshly washed, product free, air-dried hair. Wrap your hair in cling wrap or plastic wrap, then a towel. Sit for 20 Minutes. Rinse with cold water, do not shampoo.

2. The next time you have to wash your hair after this mask, take a small amount of conditioner and scrub your ends. Take a small amount and scrub the midsections. Rinse this. Take a small amount and really scrub your roots. Repeat the roots. Rinse everything, while massaging your roots vigorously, with warm water for about 10 minutes. Ring out as much excess water, with your hands, as possible. Rinse with cold water for a few mins.

3. THIS IS SO VITAL. As far as shampooing goes, I only shampoo 2-3 times weekly. If my hair looks greasy, trust me, and I have to wash my hair, I will wash with the above process, using only conditioner. The shampoo you use MUST MUST MUST be sulfate and paraben free. L'oriel (i believe) makes that Everstrong and Everpure line. Thats great stuff. Make sure, sure, sure (I can't stress it enough) to look for shampoo that reads "paraben and sulfate free". The ONLY exception to this rule is....

4. ONLY ONCE EVERY OTHER WEEK Use Mane N Tail shampoo (commonly in grocery stores, its got a horse on the bottle. fairly cheap.) Use this instead of your paraben and sulfate free shampoo only once every OTHER week (twice monthly).

5. Absolutely minimize heat styling your hair. The bare minimum that I will do is blowdry my hair. I use a heat protectant and wait until my hair is about 75 percent dry before I blow dry. If you blowdry your hair when its wet instead of 75 percent dry, it will break off like crazy because wet hair is weaker.

6. Do NOT NOT NOT brush your hair right out of the shower, and do not use a brush. Get yourself a good wide tooth comb. Towel blot (dont rub or be too harsh) your hair out of the shower, put a strengthening serum or balm on the middle to ends of your hair, wait a few mins more, comb with a wide toothed comb instead of a brush, wait until 75 percent dry, use a heat protectant product, blowdry your hair with a round brush with your head upside down trying not to use the hottest setting or brush too hard.

7. Last but not least, you can take Biotin and Vitamin D to improve hair, skin, and nails. Vitamin D, I suggest trying to get bloodwork done to see if you're insufficient. IF you are, take 2-4 thousand i.u of it. Don't get a multi vitamin. It has a lotta crap in there that you dont need and not enough of the stuff you do. Biotin is GREAT for hair and nails- it's the main component of the hair protein! Also, a diet rich in amino fatty acids, like salmon, walnuts, avacado, etc. helps hair thickness, strength, growth, and over all health. Check into the "Perricone Diet". Dr. Perricone talks alot about the 7 Super Foods and a lot about how these affect hair, nails, and skin.

Sorry this was soo super long, hope I helped!!! Best of luck <3

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Outside of possible thyroid issues, I would suggest starting with a quality multi-vitamin from a health food store or online.  Diabetics require a much higher dose of vitamins than the average person.  I use Vitacost.  Personally, I take Natrol My Multi.  They are very inexpensive and do a good job.  Other products I take that help with hair are B-complex (Twin Lab B-100), biotin (5000 mcg) and straight vitamin A (dry - 10,000 IU).  You may want to do a search on supplements for hair loss.  You can then read up on each vitamin/herb to see if it's right for you.  I've been taking vitamins for the past 12 years and attribute my overall good health to them:)  I rarely get sick!
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Im insulin dependent & in order to keep BOTH my weight & sugar levels under control i basically live off a chicken breast & small garden salad daily, oo & a Babybel cheese as a snack. I know eatimg a diet such as this i'm probably deficient in many vitamins & minerals. I used 2 take multi vitamins & few other supplements but stopped taking them after reading a number of studies about the dangers of supplementation. Im not sure what to do for the best. I want to be healthy but i dont want to change my diet, apart from being impossible due to my situation, i also dont want to increase carbs as i will gain weight immediately. Im also wheat intolerant so am restricted so much thats its just easier to stay the way i am. So should i be taking a dietry supplemnt or are they as dangerous as some studies would lead one to believe. If that is in fact the case why do medical professionals prescribe such things so free & easily. Oooo such a quandry :D
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my internet has been out for 7 days straight and I see I got 3 wonderful answers!

thank you soo much, ^^

I'll check my doctor about the thyroid shortly. My mom was diagnosed as hypo (or is it hyper?) thyroid. maybe I should be wary about it.

and now for the hairloss things:
- I'll make sure if I use a sulphate free product. before, I use Selsun Blue (High contain of sulphate because it is used to treat dandruff- My hair got dandruff problem when I was in junior highschool, but it's not as severe now, however, I still use this product-)
-I'll really try the hairmask suggested up there by thanksalotpancreas
-I'll ask my doctor about the vitamin supplement first ^^

anyone have another suggestion for my question?

btw, if I must use sulphate-free shampoo, wouldn't my hair got the dandruff problem again? what should I do?
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