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Weight Loss and Type 1 Diabetes

Hello friends :)

I'm just looking for some advice from anyone who has tried to lose weight while having type one diabetes.
I'm 21 and just want to slim down a bit and tone up. I work full-time so I fit workouts in whenever i can (usually either morning after breakfast, or after dinner) I eat very well, but am finding it hard to balance my sugars with what I eat and with the execise! No matter how many carbs I eat (which I don't want to eat more than I have to to keep my sugars stable) I always seem to go low! I have completely stopped injecting at breakfast and lunch if I workout in the morning, and for dinner if I work out at night, but have been in the 3's for the last couple weeks (when I started really focusing on losing weight) which makes me have to eat something or drink something i otherwise wouldn't. When I do go low (depending on the time of day) I will have a juice box, and maybe an all bran bar, but it's just frustarting after exercising at night having to eat a peice of toast at 2 in the morning when i wake up at 2.4! I'm just new at this (I've only been diagnosed for about a year and a half) but am trying to figure it out as much as possible and live normallly. My exercising consists of cardio for half and hour to and hour (depending if i stay at home or go to the gym) then another half hour of strength trianing (lower body one day, upper the next, and abs everyday)

Just looking for suggested diets, or meal structures if anyone has any!

Also I'm not a morning person, I know it would be way more helpful if I could wake up at 6am and work out every morning then not have to worry about going low at night but that is not an option for me...have you ever woken a sleeping bear?? Haha.

OH and one more thing, I always inject into my stomach around my belly button and I've noticed that seems to be my biggest problem area, could that be because of the insulin?? I used to take it four times a day there (lantus, then apedra after every meal) but like I said was not having to take so much insulin because of the exersice, but I want to make sure that exercise will actaully help that spot!!

Thanks all!
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