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What are the sypmtoms for diabetes in a toddle

My son is 18 months old, and I am concered that he may have diabetes. He does drink a lot of milk. As far as eating, sometimes he eats well and sometimes he does not.  I did have diabetes while I was pregnant, but now I am okay.  
Is that something that I should be concered about with him.  Also, daddy likes to give him ice cream and I do not think it is a good thing, is that something that I should be concered about as well.  Please if you could give some signs and symptoms of diabetes for toddlers.
Thank you in advance.
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hiya.. i  had diabetis in pregnacy also but i think it depends on wether you needed insollin or not i only say tht because i was at the docs this week with my 7 year old he has been weeing up to 9 times an hour for the past 2 weeks she did urine test but said everthing clear she said it could be the onset of diabetisand to make notes of the times he goes to the toilet and if hes still the same in 2 weeks to take him bk and she will give him a blood test i then told her i had it in pregnacy she asked if i took insollin i told her no diet and she sorta said oh thts ok so i gathered from tht it must not affect the child but i dont know i couldnt go into more with her as iam living in spain and dont really speak must spanish which dosent help me.
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Hi i have a son who is insulin dep diabetic...the signs of diabetes before diagnosis for him was extreme thirst eating alot , using toilet alot and changes in his mood or acting out of character. I do not think that you having diabetes in pregnancy would have any bearing on your son but if you are worried see your dr....good luck take care.....claire scotland x
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