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What is the most frustrating misconception?

I have a friend who has been managing her daughter's type 1 diabetes- she has run into many comments from others that she feels frustrated when she hears them.  One of the main things that she gets frustrated about is when others critique what her daughter is eating- telling her there are too many carbs in that food.  It frustrates her because these are people that don't know anything about type 1.

What are some frustrating comments you have heard about type 1?  How do you handle it when you hear those comments?
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There are so many misconceptions around diabetes, and everyone has opinions.  

I get frustrated that people keep telling me to just change my diet in order to cure diabetes.

I do use low carb and it works well in helping to keep blood sugars under control (along with insulin), but it does not cure diabetes.
That's so true- it's not that diet isn't important- it is, but it's not the 'cure'.  
That comes from people who don't realize that your brain needs carbs to be healthy. My sons doctor literally just told us "do not cut out carbs, they are important for the brain and body to function correctly, just monitor what he is eating and use insulin as directed."
Hi Sampson34,

Yes, there are different ways to manage type 1.  Actually though, carbs are not necessary for energy, the body can also work perfectly well on very low carb and using mostly fat for energy.

The alternative school of thought, even for kids, is to use low carb (with most of the carbs coming from non-starchy vegetables, full-fat dairy, some nuts) so that blood sugar swings are minimized and less insulin is required.  This approach successfully reduces both highs and lows.

This approach is low carb, high protein (for kids)/ moderate protein (for adults), and moderate to high healthy fats (depending on energy needs).    This is the approach taken by Dr. Richard Berstein [See Diabetes University on Utube] and typeonegrit facebook group and pinterest for recipes.

IF standard approach is working for you with great control, then no need to change.  But this may also be an alternative to consider.

Btw.  I use this approach with myself (I am type 1) for the past 8 years with excellent results.  Currently also using with my kids (currently no diagnosed, but with impaired glucose tolerance) and they are doing well and with better glucose levels than before.  
Well our doctor said not to do a low carb diet as young children need the carbs to help them grow and to help develop the brain. And yes fats can be used for energy but it is not as good a source as carbs. Also burning fats instead of carbs is what produces keytones in the blood. Our son was just in keytoacidosis (which is how we got the diagnosis) so the possibility of adding more keytones is not something we will be trying to do.
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