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What’s wrong? Type one?

Daughter is 2 years old. She has been sick not feeling week. Running fever stomach hurts the works of stomach bug. Very tired. She hasn’t eaten much at all! She has large ketones in her urine and has since yesterday. I have a diabetic 4 year old so I wanted to check her sugar. 202! Recleaned her finger 185. Last thing she ate was small amount of watermelon about 5 hours ago. Of course I’m going to recheck make sure it came
Down I’m just wondering if this Could this be anything else? Maybe her being sick? It came in her all sudden like Friday night she was fine and Saturday she wasn’t.
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With all that you are seeing, I wouldn't mess with guessing- get her into the doctor.  It sounds like she likely has type 1, and since you have a 4 year old with it already- I'm sure you know how important it is to make sure they are being monitored by a doctor.  Let us know how your little one is doing!
Took her straight to doctor first thing this morning. I checked her fasting level it was 67. Normal. And her doctor ran urine moderate ketones. He said it could be Bc she has not been eating like starvation ketones but didn’t want rule anything else out. Her level at the doctor office was 75. After she ate small breakfast. So normal again. He was still concerned and is running labs and wants me to continue to check her and keep eye on her just to be safe and he will see her back next week unless I get another high reading then he wants me bring her straight back in! He also wants me monitor ketones at home
With the strips and see if they come down or what.
Sounds like you have a very attentive doctor- that's great!  How's she been doing the last few days?
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Kids can have high blood sugars when sick, and these can then return to normal... however, the very fact that she had high sugars is not normal... and she may be at risk of type 1 developing soon.  Please do check her sugars after a heavy meal and see how she is going.  Kids can go from apparently fine, to very ill, very quickly in type 1.

Hope that your daughter doesn't have type 1, but the best you can do is watch closely and catch it early if it does develop.  Sounds like your doctor is on the ball.
All her labs came back normal and since she been well all her sugar readings have been perfect. Doctor wants to continue to do A1C every 3 months for next little bit just to be safe since I already have one type one child. And asked me to just check her randomly. But so far not one high reading. We go back next week. Sorry it took so long to update my phone died on me so I had to order a new one.
That is good news Christina. Kids (and even adults) can run high when they are sick; and return to normal after that.
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