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Worried about my diabetes

I've had diabetes for six years and i'm 20 yrs old now.  I have tryed to control it the best i can and it still runs in the 200 range sometimes. I've taken Lantus since i have had it and i just started taking Novolog which has helped a lot! I always here about ppl and the complacations that they end up getting after they have had diabetes for awhile and im starting to get upset and scared because i dont want to go blind, get my feet amputated or have kidney failure.  It just seems to happen to so many diabetics and im scared that one day it will happen to me.  Im the first person to ever have diabetes in my family so they dont know how scary it is.  I just want to live to be old and not die from complacations. If my sugers go to 200 and something 4 or 5 times a week is that mean that im taking bad care of it or that im a higher risk for complacations??
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I am the mom of a type on diabetic.   I can understand your fears of complications.  My daughter was diagnosed 6/1/2 years ago and has recently had her first complication, which affected her eyes.  We try hard to keep her blood sugars under 200 but it is not always easy.   Her eye problem has gotten better.

I would suggest you talk to your endocrinologist about maybe going on the pump, and other ways to keep your blood sugars in control.  We have found that the pump has helped to control a lot of the highs and the lows, but as my daughter says diabetes is like life, ever changing and unpredictable.

I hope this helps.
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My best advice as a long-time diabetic with no complications is to test every 2-3 hours and adjust according to the numbers you see. If your sugar goes up to over 200 and STAYS there, that's when damage is done. If it pops up high, but you catch it quickly and add a few units of quick-acting insulin to normalize it quickly, damage is much less likely to happen. I was diagnosed at age 12 and I turn a ripe almost-old 50 tomorrow. No complications and perfect health. Just adjust often so high and low numbers can't stay high or low for very long and your body is protected. A quick swing up or down is not likely to harm you -- it is when that high or low stays high or low that the damage is done.
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thank you both for your comments.  It's hard not to worry about.  I usually test mine every couple of hours and if its to high i take units to lower it so it doesnt stay high for long unless it's at night.  So what you said helps me feel a lot better. Thank you!!
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I understand your fears, and sympathize.   I'm a 21 year old type 1 diabetic - been diabetic for 15 years.  I am going to be going on the pump within the next month.  This might be something you could also look into.  Many people have tighter control on a pump, not to mention it's easier than multiple daily injections.
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I am a diabetic and I am 25 years old I was dignosed when I was 13 I have been on the pump since I was 18. And I love it. I use to always have high blood sugars. With the pump I can manage it alot better. It is great. I would recommend the pump to any and every diabetic. :0)
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