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are my symptoms type 2 diabetes?

First of all Type 2 diabetes does run in the family. I had gestational diabetes in two of my pregnancies. Lately but not everysingle day however more often now I am continuously feeling nausiated, at times a headache or mild diziness with it. At times I go to the toilet feeling as if I am going to vomit (but I dont). I am absolutely not pregnant (I had a tubal ligation). there are times when I get shaky or irritable or feel a head rush without food. I am 5'4" inches tall. I normally weighed 130-135 pre pregnancy and after my third child who is now 16 months old I am at a steady 145-150 lbs. I am tired and take more naps than I ever have. I know my lifestyle with the kids and lack of sleep with a baby can contribute to this as well. I just want some advice from someone who knows if this happened to them and it is just motherhood or my nightmare came true and I have diabetes again. ALso, what is the fastest and safest diet to get the excess weight off with diabetes should this be my diagnoses and not hurt myself. I dont want to go ask for a test if my symptoms dont seem to coincide with diabetes. With gestational diabetes it was hard to tell the symptoms vs. the pregnancy symptoms. I was insulan dependant both pregnancies by injection every night for my fastin numbers.
thank you,
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Hi Ridinglife,
I am a volunteer here with Type 1 diabetes. I can speak only from experience of the symptoms of diabetes but if you are worried it is easy to have a simple blood test to confirm your symptoms. For me excessive thirst and urination were the most apparent feelings. But I do also experience nausea and fatigue if my blood sugars are running very high. There is a higher risk of developing diabetes if you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes so I would recommend you seeing your doctor, he or she would obviously be the best source of information. I think nightmare is a strong statement should you have developed diabetes. Although it does take quite a bit of effort to control it is something that is absolutely manageable and you can live a normal life as long as you take the necessary steps to stay in good health. Diet plays a major role in this. Nutritionists are a great source to help understand what foods are most beneficial in maintaining your desired weight, keep your diabetes under control as well as giving you the balanced nutrition you need. Most insurance companies will cover this type of doctors visit. It will make you feel much better physically and mentally. I hope this has helped please stay in touch should you have any further questions.
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Hello RidingLife,
I'm another volunteer and agree with CG -- best to talk to your doctor about your symptoms.  How 'bout calling him/her in the morning?

To lose weight safely really takes a balanced approach, and many of us are impatient for that.  Still, for the sake of your family, if not for yourself, *do* get professional guidance on balancing food choices with activity levels.  If you are borderline diabetic, those steps will help that, too.  The goal, of course, is to find a balance that's sustainable -- since you need to be healthy for many many decades, not just a week or two.

I've had Type 1 diabetes for over 35 years.  Some days are tough, but then as a parent, you know what tough days can be.  Diabetes does not define my life nor does it define me.  I earned a great education, travel the world, have a challenging career, and a great family life ... diabetes has not changed any of my life goals or my experiences.  Yes, we need to be mindful of many things, but I've discovered that as most folks get into their 40s, 50s, and beyond, we *all* have stuff to deal with.  Nonetheless, folks with chronic diseases sometimes also battle depression -- and treating that is important to allow the person to enjoy life, despite diabetes.

Good luck with whatever you learn.
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