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born with diabetes.

can a child be born with diabetes.
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I have been looking online to answer your question and I keep getting information about gestational diabetes, which is diabetes that occurs during a woman's pregnancy and usually goes away when the baby is born.
I don't think a child can be born with diabetes, but I am not 100% sure.  It used to be that most children would develop the disease between the ages of 8-11.  I don't think that is the case anymore, I believe children are developing the disease younger, but there is no set age when the disease develops.
I have been diabetic for 27 years and have two children, both born healthy and continue to be healthy, so just because one has diabetes it does not mean their children will automatically have diabetes as well.
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There is a form of diabetes in newborns, but it is not the same as type 1. See http://www.library.nhs.uk/genepool/ViewResource.aspx?resID=37529

This form is very rare, but ihas been successfully treaded with drugs - A success story.

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I am 12 years old.I was born in Jamaica and still in Jamaica. I have the type 2 diabetes, I am eating healthy and exercising everyday but I don't know why my sugar is high. Can you help me?
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YES!! My son was born with diabetes and almost died because of the lack of knowledge to this question. I am a type I diabetic. My son by medical standards should have been a "bigger" baby. He was born 4lb 14oz. His blood sugar at birth was 190. For 4 days the doctors ran test on him for everyting but diabetes and had him on a dextrose drip iv. I was not told about his blood sugar until the 4th day. When they took him off the dextrose drip at my insistance and rage his sugars I was told leveled out. He was sent home 3 days later. 1 week later I rushed him to the ER at Dayton childrens where they quickly ran test and found his blood sugar to be 420 and him in DKA. Dr Maria Urban, who was my juvenile endocrinologist, was brought in to treat him. The reason he was so small was because he was diabetic while I was pregnant with him. His blood sugar at birth should have taken more seriously. It was a tell tale sign. Babies of diabetic mothers are usually watched for low blood sugars not high! He was however born with transient diabetes...another form of diabetes in which the insulin producers just need time to mature like the lungs of premiees. He was given 4 insulin shots a day for 6 months when by a series of BLESSED events did we finally figure out that he was no longer diabetic. His insulin was only available to me at the Dayton childrens hospital pharmacy because it had to be diluted to 1/100 of a unit. They are not open to the public on weekends.....As I went to get his bottle of insulin to give him his last shot of the day I dropped the bottle and it broke. I was hysterical and called the dr. who told me to watch his sugars every 2 hours and take him to the er for anything over 200. Every 2 hours his blood sugars reamined in the 80 -120 range( before they were updated to 70-110) The next day the pharmacy allowed me to come in to get his bottle of insulin and when I got it home I went to put it in the refrigerator and ........dropped and broke it again! He has been insulin free since and is now 9 years old. I truly believe that God gave me an unsteady hand! I also feel the need to get this story out there because like I said because of the lack of knowledge of Transient diabetes, and the ability to be BORN diabetic almost caused me to lose my son.
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My son was actually born with Type 1 diabetes.  He was diagnosed at 12 hours old.  He is the youngest person to ever use an insulin pump.  His is now 11 years old, and is still using one.  You can search his name, Maverick Roe for the complete news story.  When he was born, I was told that being born with true diabetes had only occurred three recorded times.  I guess that makes it extremely rare.  It is not uncommon, however, for babies to be diagnosed very young, often in the first year of life.
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