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can anyone help???

I am a twenty three year old with an insulin pump, I can not go back on my parents insurance, but make too much money for medicaid. does anyone know ANY way that i can get healthcare help while i go back to college. There is no way i can go without insurance. I feel like everything is such a struggle. If anyone has any suggestions, it would help.
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I was in the same boat. My only suggestion is that you can file financial aid by yourself (with your income and tax information and not your parents') when you are 23, so that you can get grants, and free up other money that would have been spent on tuition so that it can be used for med. expenses.
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call this man he is a diabetes and disease managent persident he is hellping me with my  insulin pump supplies he may be albe to hellp yall 6789234263...fax 7709710315... email jonathan.***@****.... look at the wab sit ferst to git to know how he can help youi hope good luck
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hey can you send me the email address for the guy that helped you to my email address most of it here was blanked out. email adress ***@****. I losed my health insurance last year when my ex decided not to pay for it anymore. And having hard time getting my pump supplies and I am a full time student. Thank you Judy
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I just got on a plan called Blue Young which is a part of Blue Cross Blue Shield...I pay $52.00/month (billed every 2 months). Office visits and prescriptions are not covered and my deductible is $1000. I found this site called Medtipster which is a search engine and it locates really cheap generics in your area. Check both of those out and hope this helps!
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some colleges offer student health plans...check your school
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