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diabetic type 1 problems

My Girlfriend is 27 and has had diabetes type 1 from the age of 5.
We've been together for 4 years and i feel she really needs some sort of help to make her understand the way she deals with her illness is wrong.
I'm no expert but she will go weeks without even doing a single blood check and if anyone even asks her she reacts angrily.
she has all the symptons that other people have wrote regarding constatnt headaches , tiredness , and her moodswings are just terrible. I feel theirs nothing i can do to encourage her now as the relationship has taken a battering. she injects 4-5 times aday and without checking her bloods , is this ok ?? she will do a blood test if i constanly go on about it but it will only last for a day then its fogotten again.
last year she has lost the eye sight in her left her due to pressure . i cant understand why this isnt enough of a wake up call to start contolling it. i have asked her to see a consultant to freshen up on things but its just ignored. she also has to take thyroid tablets .
anyone got some great advice for me as its like living on a timebomb

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I'm 66 y/o and have had type 1 (juvenile) diabetes since age 10.  Andy, your Girlfriend is living with diabetes instead of letting diabetes livie with her.  She's letting it control her life instead of her controling the diabetes.  She needs your support, FIRST and FOREMOST!  Hang in there; keep letting her know you care.  Support in truly what she needs.  From personal experience, I believe the headaches are from her insulin regimen -- 3-4 shots a day sounds like short-acting insulin (too much) and the headaches are a down-side.  The moodswings are her continuous denial that she's a lifetime diabetic.  I did it -- except when I was coming along the whole diabetes treatment plan was much different.  Doctors can guide her, but she has to want and get better knowledge through research of what she's dealing with -- and take control.  Otherwise, it's a slow suicide, with all the complications that manifest.  And there are many -- some personal ones that WE don't even tell the health care professionals about.  After 56.4 years of JD, I am now blind and legally blind, have retinopathy, neuropathy, nerve damage, as you said, all the stuff you're read about.  But no kidney disease,  Yippee!!  Hang in there, Andy.  She needs you.  I've handled my disease all alone 'cause nobody else cared, and I wish there had been.
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