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diet for diabetes type 2

Does anyone here have info on the diet for an adult diabetic with type 2?  This website saved my sanity when I had another illness and I know there is somebody here that can help me.  All I need to know is if there are restricted foods, etc.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you, **Hopiangel**
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I am not a doctor or a nutrionist, I am a mom of a child with type 1 and the daughter of a type 2 diabetic.  I can tell you from experience only.  I would suggest that you contact a nutrionist in your area. I have done this with my daughter, and have gotten my mom to do this and it has made a difference, especially since my mother is on a special diet due to religious reasons.
The first thing I would do is written down what you normally like too eat for each type of meal. Especially if there are special ethnic foods, (a friend of ours is of Asian descent and the child
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i dont have type 2(i have type 1), but, a start, would to cut out all candy bar's, ice cream,dougnuts and sugar loaded foods.

You can find suger free candy, ice cream, and whatnot, in most places.
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Thank you for your response and help. Hope all is well with you.
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Be careful with the sugar free foods as a lot of them have ingredients called, sorbitol, and manitol.  Both of these ingredients are the same that are in laxatives.  The sugar free candy can cause stomach and bowel problems.  The more refined sugars should be watched.  Ice cream is not necessarily bad either. It used to be that you had to stay away from all sugars.  Now that is not necessarily the truth.  
Check with your doctor and your endocrinologist
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Thank you all for the help and support. This is truly a website where people can come and get really needed feedback.  Bless everyone and take care. You are not alone with whatever your health issues are when you come here.  **Hopiangel**
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Thanks, Hopiangel. I hope the information that we provide helps ease your life in some way and makes diabetes more liveable.  Please stop back and let us know how things go.

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