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do i have juvenile diebetes???

Recently i took my blood sugar and it was145. It was right after I ran 10 miles and all i ate that day was two tsp of almond butter and 3 tablespoons of oatmeal. My grandama who has type 2 diebetes says that that is a sighn for diebetes. Is this true? I have taken it other times after i ate and it has been 120 95 100. I have not yet taken it before i ate but i am going to. Is it true that blood sugar decreases after exercise or increases? I do not know if i have the symptoms for diebetes because i always drink a lot of water anyway which leads to urination frequently. I am planning on seeing a doctor but i have to wait on Medical. When i was younger 14 i was checked for diebetes but did not have it. Juvinile diebetes does not run in my family does that mean i cannot get it. Also I am 18 is that to old to have diebetes 1? Thank you in advance for answers
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In my opinion I don't think you have diabetes. Normally your sugars are ALOT higher than that when you go untreated. Mine was 498 when I first got it. Things like oatmeal can take your sugar up. You're not too old to have Type 1 diabetes. I'm 20 years old and I was diagnosed with Type 1.5 which is a slow onset of type one. To have peace of mind go to the doctor and ask him/her these questions. Keep me posted. Good Luck!
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I actually disagree. A blood sugar of 145 does not usually occur in someone who doesn't have diabetes. While yes, many people are diagnosed with much higher blood sugars than that, fasting blood sugar over 126 is considered diabetic. Yes, you could have type 1 diabetes at any age, and you could also have type 2 at any age. I do agree with the suggestion to get tested by the doctor. The doctor can do an A1C which tests the average blood sugar for a period of about 2 months or do an OGTT which tests your response to a sugary drink over a period of a couple hours.
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Thank you both for the info i am going to see a doctor soon so i can confirm if i have diabetes for sure. Just wanted to see what others thought since i can not go to the doctor  for awhile
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ok girly...well keep us posted. If you start to feel real bad youneed to call the doctor and let them know it's a emergency. If it is diabetes sometimes you not going to be able to hold off on a while. Hope everything turns out good!
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