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does anyone know if a type one diabetic can get a job as a paramedic?

i was wondering if any one knew if a diabetic could get a job as a paramedic?
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Absolutely you can.  dLife has profiled several type 1s who are paramedics, it is absolutely possible!
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Yes I know you can.
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ie: Fire fighters/Paremedics/EMT's etc..

Aboslutely you can.... BUTT..

1 cousin is a Firefighter, Another is a EMT and Another is a Paramedic.. and all a T1's....

I suggest you ask for the Application and Qualifications for the Medical first...
You best not only have Very good Control,( <6% A1c's )  and  know how and what to do when ( not if) you don't have the time to be testing ever couple of hours to keep control and how oyu handle to keep yourself from going Hypo under Very Physical Conditions...

One way? Start out with a 60-80 Level and go Jog on the treadmill and when you start getting your Hypo? What do you do to correct it..?   and your not going to be able to keep a bottle of Juice with you either... More like harder things like Gum Drops, Jelly Beans, etc..

And go to a Gymn and Do some weight lifting.. again, starting out with 80 BS levels...

When you have proven you canhandle these kinds of situations, you will have alot more confidence and it will show that your In control...  Or not...

and also keep in mind... You maybe able to pass the test now, but this is a Progressive disease and you best be "on top" of it like a Duck on a June Bug 110% of the time, for you don't get even to make 1 Mistake on these kinds of Jobs...

Also,  Towns are getting more and more reluctant  hiring "Medically /Physically Challendged" people.. Because they cause  major financial impacts on their Retirement and/or Disability Health Care....and thus " Improving" their training programs...

And what DLife and the ADA would LIKE to it to be and what it IS are 2 different things..in the Real World.... regardles of what the State laws might say about it.. Since the States What to get everyone else to hire them so they won't have to support them thru Public aid/Welfare, Unemployement, etc...

Good Luck, you'll need it..but if your good enough? You can do it..

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yea you can you just have to ask...i know you will have to get checked out by your doctor to see if your healthy and what not. As long as you can manage it yes you can!

Good Luck
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I am a 37year old type one diabetic who just delievered a baby now 3 months old. Prior to my pregnancy, I noticed my constant battle with remembering things and it's still continuing on. does this have anything to do with my diabetes and if so, what can I do to slow the process. My test results are perfect last A1c was 6.5 diet is great lots of fruits and veggies, BMI is perfect what else could be happening???????????????????
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My Son Has recently been diagosed with type at age 13. He is/was interested in a career in the medical profession/becoming a paramedic. Will this condition affect his chances? also, are there any other job restrictions he may face when it comes the time for him to try and choose a career/education path???
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Hi, I'm 19 and have Type 1 Diabetes, and have had for nearly 13 years. Your son is still young and will have lots to learn in the coming years, both in life and with his diabetes. Just the same as anyone else though. When it comes to choosing a career, which you will appreciated I am nearly at, he will only be restricted in certain areas. He will not be able to fight on the front line (boohoo, no loss), deep sea diving is generally out, air traffic control won't accept. Sir Steve Redgrave proved that winning a whole handful of Olympic gold medals was still possible with his Diabetes. He can do anything he wants, including become a paramedic- an option I am considering after completing my degree in Film and TV Production. The most important thing is that he will learn to control his condition well and assimilate it as part of everyday life.
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