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foamy urine

i am a 15 year old male . i am very worried because i have foamy urine it seems that when i drink larger amount of water the urine will seem to be less foamy i am really worried .i am not sure whether if it is thje velocity of the flow of my urine or there is protein in my urine but the bubbles in the urine seems to dissapear fast in the toilet bowl
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I have been looking online to try and answer your question. I found a site that talked about foamy urine. It said that if your urine is foamy every once in a while it isn't something to be worried about, but if your urine is consistently foamy you should have a test to see if protein is in your urine called a urine albumin test.  If you are worried why don't you consult your endocronologist and see if he/she thinks it is cause for concern and possibly the urine albumin test.
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im sorry to double post but i am unsure whether my urine has protein or not because im unsure whether urine with protein's bubble dissapear fast or will it stay there
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Your doctor can ask for labwork which will show if there is any damage to your kidneys. No matter whether you think that the foamy consistency is due to expelling it quickly or whether it is a protein problem, a simple lab test can tell you whether there is a problem or not. Better to find out than to worry.
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erm i was just wondering can i just get 1 of those urine test paper thing.will it work/??
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so erm does foamy urine onli mean kidney damage or any other things??
plss list them down i am worried
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sorry for posting so many times just really worried so does foamy urine onli mean protein in the urine or isit possible for other substances to cause the urine to be foamy?>?>
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i found this on the web it is answered by Gerard L. Bouthillier, MD from Waynesboro, VA

he claims
There is a difference between foamy and bubbly urine. Foamy to me is when I see urine foam up with tiny bubbles around where the stream is entering the water in the commode and not quickly dissipating. Also the foam persists for a few minutes before breaking down. The more protein the foamier the urine.

my urine's bubble does not last a minute so is it normal bubble or protein foam
when i drink more water it doesnt even last up to 10 second is this normal?
sry for so many question guys......afraid tto ask my mum to take me to a clinic...
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erm i heard it might be the cause of position for many teenagers they say if u lay down more and less protein goes to kidney so there is less bubble or no bubble i m checking to see and i saw on 2 youtube videos they say it is not uncommon and happen to many teenagers i went and bought a urine strip but they gave me the wrong one that only checked for glucose.

the video links
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ok i think i have postural protuneria because i found that when i lie down for a while and went for a pee there was 1 to 3 bubbles that dissapears i think it was caused by the water so. is postural protuneria normal,common among teenagers and isit bad??
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From what I read on the subject, it IS fairly common among young adults, and teens fall into that category. However, without having a microalbumin count done in a lab, you won't know if this is the beginning of kidney disease or whether it is the type of protein that isn't a danger to long-term kidney health. I really think you need to have lab tests run. I assume that you go to your endocrinologist at least once a year for complete lab tests to check kidney function and other things? Are you due for such tests? If so, then go ahead and get your appointment and ask your doctor how your microalbumin numbers look. In any event, you shouldn't diagnose yourself, for this is dangerous. Better to have real testing done so you know for sure.
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erm so will it work if i just consult a normal family doctor to do the test??
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and if i go to a family doctor what test do i ask him to do?
and plss tell me what is the normal microalbumin count.
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You need a micro albumin urine test that will tell you the best without any guessing. If you get pure foam out of your urine stream you are in trouble. Have it checked quick, the longer you wait the worse it will get if you have a problem.
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Hey well..I am 15 years old.. i have bubbles in my urine white in colour. however if i drink water oftenly there isnt bubbles at all in the urine is it a serious kidney disease? hm..i have seen many webs and help from youtube.. it doesnt really help.. can i see a family clinic to get checked or can i buy tools to measure my protein lvl in my urine? Can i stop protein urine if i eat kidney frenly food? if i can , can anyone tell me what food to eat? thanks.
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If you haver severe to moderate Kidney problems...simply look in the mirror and if you have really really dark circles under your eyes...you most likely have kidney and/or Adrenal problems of some sort...white bubbles also occur during Chelation and Cleansing your Kidneys of the Stones that we all accumulate over time...in your case, being 15, I don't believe you have very much to worry about...
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