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lime can help curing diabete (I & II)

Just want to share some info I found online. Since my family has two diabetic persons, I spent lots time to search nature cure. So far two methods I found seem exciting:
Method 1:  lime chicken. Original post is cut four lime half and cook with chicken with water. Add only very little salt or no salt. Drink the soup; eat lime, chicken (if you like).  Someone also tried pork, shrimp or even egg, results seem same.  Chicken are used for taste only, don’t use too fat chicken. Someone also tested cooked one lime only with water (two half, about 8-9 minutes in boiled water) and eats everything: soup and lime including skin), many persons see significant result in couple days and many of them claimed stopped medicine after few weeks.
My personal think this method is no hurt to try, just try couple days and check your blood sugar and see what happened.
Method 2: massage stomach area 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes before sleep.   The person posted this method has Diabetic type 1 and now he claimed complete recovered. He wrote some details how to massage and I am still trying to understanding the details now.
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This is absolutely a myth. There is no cure for Type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetics produce insufficient insulin and need insulin to live. People want easy answers and for Type 1 diabetes there aren't any - not yet anyway.

There are many types of natural treatments that are said to help Type 2 diabetes. Perhaps they do. But nothing helps as much as reducing carbs, losing weight and getting regular exercise.
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What I do, that cured a type one diabetic I know, is take about a tablespoon of fresh lime juice, and add about a cup of seltzer/club soda. Drink this in the morning, and before bedtime. It works! I currently do it. Lime really is the best tool/ resource ever! Pretty soon, you'll never be using insulin again! I'm struggling with this, and I need to help others, too! Hope this works, much love! God bless you all <3
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Hi Papina,

for persons using insulin, it is highly unlikely that taking lime juice and soda will cure their diabetes.

For anyone with diabetes who decides to try this, or any other "Cure", do not stop taking your insulin and continue to closely monitor your blood sugars.

I personally know someone who stopped taking insulin in order to follow a natural cure.  He got very sick (luckily his children found out what he was doing in time to get him back on treatment), and could have diet.
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This is nonsense. Absolute baloney on toast. Yes. It will "hurt to try" if as patient stops taking conventional treatment measures.
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