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losing weight

im 16 years old, a diabetic, and I'm 5'8 and currently flextuating around 160 pounds. i have had eating disorders in the past, such as: binge eating, bulimia, anerexia, and diabulimia. i wasent to extremem witht the bulimia or diabulimia. im trying to lose weight the healthy way now, but so far im getting no where and im having trouble understamding why. if any one has tips please comment some. (sorry for not knowing how to spell btw)
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Hello and welcome!

Great that you have managed to overcome the eating disorders.  Hats off to you!  

Weight loss the healthy way is typically a slow process.  Can you tell us what you are eating / est. how many calories per day?  Are you able to exercise?

Some people with diabetes find that they can lose weight more easily (and reduce their insulin dose) if they follow a low carb  / high healthy fats / moderate protein diet.

Hope this helps.  Please come back and tell us more and ask some questions....

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