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my daughter's eye 2

Well, you're right about that Zoelula, thanks. Proper blood sugar management to near normal levels is the key. But to prevent complications from ever developing to a person with type 1 diabetes especially if the disease manifest early during childhood is i think a shot to the moon. Realistically,we  can only  hope to delay the onset of the myriad complications first of which is, eye problems, most notably retinopathy. Some people manage it for decades, and some only years. I just hope we can manage this condition long enough for my daughter to live a fuller, and normal life ahead. Thanks for your support.  
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Another hopeful thing for children diagnosed today is all the improvements that are happening. When you look back to what Type 1 adults today diagnosed as children had to deal with it's incredible: much less effective insulin types and dosing, no pumps, NO METERS, urine tests to monitor blood sugar, it is incredible. We've come a long way and I think more advances will happen as your daughter grows.
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