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not diagnosed but at risk and worried

I didn't know where else to post this, there is no forum for basic diabetes and concerns.

A few friends of mine have told be that some strange symptoms I've had lately could mean diabetes. My parents and their families have a long history of diabetes, and I'm worried I might be getting it or I already have it.

My symptoms are:
- extreme and frequent dehydration
- strange and constantly changing appetite
- weight change (up and down)
- heavy chest pain, often after activity (not always)
- a strange lump on my right side (near but not on rib cage).

Are any/all of these symptoms related to diabetes?
I'm particularly worried about my last symptom. The lump is tender to the touch and nothing like it exists on the other side of my abdomen.

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Hello Kiera,
We're volunteers here and not physicians.  I strongly recommend that you see your doctor, or at least give her/him a phone call with your symptoms and any patterns.

You can read about the symptoms of diabetes at this reliable site:
http://www.diabetes.org where they list information about both Type 2 and Type 1 diabetes.   Some of your symptoms are similar to diabetes symptoms but others are not.  Your best bet is to grab the hand of one of your friends, and go to the doctor.  A doc is the only person who can do a careful workup and diagnosis -- and help you get on the path to feeling better.

Ignoring symptoms doesn't make 'em go away - it just escalates our worry.
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