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question about Diabetes symptoms.

Hi, my dad has really bad sugar diabetes. It's become so extreme because he didn't take his insulin or medication for about 15 or so years so he had to get his toe then his foot then up to his knee cut off.He has vascular blood disease,kidney failure [he will be starting dialysis soon],his eyesight has become very poor[he's legally blind],and he has severe neurapothy[sorry if I misspelled anything].

His symptoms have been calm for a few months and it seemed like he was getting better, but all of a sudden he found out he has an ulcer on his remaining foot.It's decently bad and is turning a dark purple color with grey skin and white skin surrounding it. The doctor who discovered it said he might have to get this foot amputated as well. His medical center is the VA hospital and they think his diabetes may be caused by Agent Orange[which he was exposed to during Vietnam.]
He's had a prosthetic leg for almost a year now also.

My question is, has any one else had a problem like this and any suggestions that could help it or know of a specialist or doctor who could help?

Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated.
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I am not a physician, but the mom of a type one and the daughter of a type.  I can tell you that my mom has had a sore on her foot that has taken 5 years now to heal.  What has helped the most is a wound specialist and skin graphs.  I would suggest you get a good second opinion and find a wound specialist and endocrinologist that can help your dad.

I am hope this helps.  Please check back and let me know how things are going
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Find a Wound Care Center-they can help  with diabetic foot ulcers.  
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Are you aware that all Vietnam vets are eligible for compensation if a diabetic?  contact your nearest VA hospital for information - My husband was in Vietnam and has diabetes for 15 years - He gets $303 a month
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Thankyou so much for all the advice.
I told him about the specialist, I even googled some for him but he didn't seem to excited.

Well they ended up amputating three toes and half his foot because of the ulcer.
The doctor is telling him that if it[the amputated foot] doesn't heal they're going to take up to his knee.
I still think he should see a specialist of somekind because this is getting ridiculous.
Oh and yes he does get money from VA compensation.
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