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skin discoloration on neck and underarms

I was recently diagnosed with Diabetes and I was researching answers for different questions when I came across a forum on this site. It talked about how a sign in young children for diabetes was that they would have discoloration on thier necks, almost like neck dirt. Ive had this for as long as I can remeber.
Sometimes it is lighter but it is always a much different color then my skin tone. I was wondering if there was anyway to get rid of it? Any certain product? Routine? What causes it?
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Check out the following web article on skin conditions in diabetics:

The doctor who wrote the article discusses a number of skin conditions found typically in both type 1 and type 2 diabetics. I believe the one you are interested in is called Acanthosis Nigricans. The writer discusses it and gives suggestions about treatments. I do not know if the treatments require a physician's prescription or if they are over-the-counter, but you could discuss with your own doctor.
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im 13 years of age and i have discoloration around my neck really bad i have had teachers to evn tell me that i need to go to the bathrom and wash my neck or to wash better i dont like this and it is weird but could i have diabetes
????????????????????????????    :C
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ive had discoloration under my break on my chest and even neck since ive been about 9 yrs old. i went to different doctors and all they tell me is i could have diabetes but when i got blood taken everything was normal. im tored of having this i dont even feel comfortable wearing clothes that dont cover up my chest. and theres nothing i can do in the summer because wearing a turtle neck would look silly. i really need help.
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