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stomach pain related to type 1 diabetes

I noticed quite of few questions from other parents regarding their children with type 1 complaining of stomach aches, I would like to "add" to the list that my daughter who is 8 also complains of stomach aches at least 3 times a month.  I've taken her to her regular pediatrician and the endocronologist who have made a couple of suggestions of maybe its gas or she's irregular but this is not the case. As a parent I can see its more than that. At times she is doubled over with pain.  The best answer I saw on your site was the suggestion it could be due to high and/or low blood sugar. My question is for that reader and to you as well...Was this a proven fact or an "educated guess". It sounds like it might be the case with my daughter. Any other comments would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Did you take her blood sugar when she was having the stomach aches? I guess I am just wondering if you discovered a pattern.  Maybe if you made a chart of when she gets the stomach aches and documented what she ate or activities she does on those days you might see a pattern and maybe be able to figure out if something triggers the lows or highs and stomach aches.  I do know that I have patterns myself--mostly due to hormones-like when I am ovulating my blood sugars rise and I must compensate with more insulin.   I know she is probably too young for that but now that I know what triggers my highs I can compensate and make my life easier.
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Has your child been tested for celiac disease?
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My 7 year old DD is doing the same thing. We get stomach complaints almost everyday. I have tried to find a pattern, but cannot. The pain she complains of is different than when her sugar is high and she has stomach pain. She is not constipated, but does sometimes complain of diarrhea. We followed all the foods she has eaten when it happens and nothing. We had the pediatrician run Thyroid and Celiac screenings and both were negative. We are taking her tomorrow to the gastro doctor just to be safe, but it is really bothering us. I hope we can get some answers.
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I have been a Type 1 diabetic for almostt 22 years. (I am 28 now).  When I was younger, probably between the ages of 12-15, I would get severe stomach pains where I would be doubled over almost unable to breathe.  They could never find any patterns or anything wrong.  Finally they told me to take Tums at the onset of it to try to get rid of it.  Sometimes it helped, sometimes it didn't.  There were a couple of instances where my sugar was low, but most of the time it was normal.  I eventually out grew them.

Now, if my sugar is low I do get just an upset stomach, really uneasy, but is fine once I eat something light to get back up.  
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Thank you all for your comments. I have not had her tested for thyroid or celiac disease.  I will definitely consult with her doctor about it.  For now I have been trying to see a pattern, nothing jumps out quite yet.  It does seem like it occurs most when she is high but not always. So it has been hard to discern whats causing the stomach aches.
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My daughter is 10 and is currently suffering from all of the symptoms that you are all talking about. I will go to the doctor and see what we can find. Her levels have been high and are now stabilizing - there has been no real reason as to this. We'll go and check it out!! Thankyou to all!
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