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sudden drop in blood sugar/seizure

I am a 24 yr old seemingly in perfect health, but I have a couple of serious medical issues that occur randomly. In other words, a standard physical exam would not show any of my problems. I'm at normal to excellent weight, active,  normal intelligence, etc.

age 10: starting getting serious migraines. loss of vision in one eye. one side of my body would go completely numb starting in my fingers and traveling up. then after about 30 minutes the migraine would come and i would basically pass out for a couple of hours and then i was fine. I had around 5-10 of these...the last time i had one i was around 15 years old. these run in my mothers side of the family but they did not start to get them until they were older, and mine have seemingly stopped.

age 14-18: starting having seizures. They would only happen in the morning. i would fall backwards and my arms and head would shake. my sister said that i was breathing as if i was gasping constantly which im assuming is like hyperventilation. I had 3 of these between the ages of 14-18. only recently at 24, did i have another one. When i was 18 I was diagnosed with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy, JME, but the EEG showed no signs, and I was diagnosed only on symptoms. So I am wondering if it could be related to blood sugar and not epilepsy? I have no family history of seizures at all.

Age 6 -present: I avoid anything too sweet or rich such as chocolate, cake, ice cream, candy, etc because within minutes I feel extremely nauseated, hot, lightheaded, headache, and pale. this passes within 5 minutes or so. I feel like it is a form of hypoglycemia, but my blood sugar is normal? it only happens within that short period. only within the past 5 years or so has it become that I can even take a bite of cheesecake without feeling horrible. If I don't eat it I feel perfectly fine.

I am wondering if any of these issues can be related????? I can't help but think this blood sugar issue is serious?

other things that may help
I have very low blood pressure
allergic to shellfish

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