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type 2 diabetes

my blood sugar recently jumped from 8.0 range to 19.4-22.0 presently on  3 500 mg/day with a lung infection what is the highest acceptable range and what damage will this cause? is there a separate site for type 2? thank you
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Unfortunately, I'm not certain about the numbers you are presenting.  If the 8.0 - 19.4-22 is your Hemaglobin A1C, then that sounds pretty high to me.  Since I am not a physician, I can't tell you what the highest acceptable range is or what the consequences might be.  The length of time your blood sugars remain high will also have an impact on the consequences.  I do know that studies have found that diabetics with A1C's below 7 drastically reduce their risk of having any of the long term complications of diabetes which can be very serious.  

I don't know how you are currently treating your diabetes, but when blood sugars are extremely elevated for long periods of time in Type 2 diabetics, insulin injections may be recommended to help lower the blood sugars. I know how scary injections can be to a Type 2, but if that is what your doctor ultimately recommends, I promise you that it will be better than how you are probably feeling now and certainly beter than having some of the complications that can occur from prolonged high blood sugars.  Your higher blood sugars may also be caused by your lung infection, so this may be a temporary setback  for you.  Keep following your doctor's advice and I hope you feel better soon.
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You might enjoy a diabetes discussion board that's got topics for Type 2s and Type 1s and for the stuff we share.  

I highly recommend this site:

You don't need to register to read the information there, but you may need to register to post (it's free, tho').  Folks who post can choose to be anonymous.

No one there is a physician either, but there're a lot of experienced folks with diabetes looking to give & to get good tips, tricks, and encouragment.
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