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42 years old and Commercial's Pilot Somebody help me

Hi guys.
As you know I'm a pilot. And I don't have diabet but I'm on border.
Could you please help me?

Morning suger: 136
After breakfast and 2 hrs: 219
Weight: 108kg
Height: 182cm
A1C: 7.7
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I cut sugar from my days and bread. BUT my basic food is RICE
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If your A1C is 7.7 and 219 two hrs after breakfast I suggest you need to see your Dr because that is Diabetic numbers. Blood sugar range is from 70-140, border line is being over 100. Please see a Dr!
Hi John. Thank you
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I just have my diabetes reversed and totally out of medication (my doctor was so happy about it)I tried very hard to stay on the programs, I still keep it up. My morning was around 160 to 180 now is 130 and below.
Basically no rice (even brown rices), no bread (even no wheat bread) no noodles, no pasta. You can eat quinoa ( can found in Costco), sweet potatoes however you need to control your portion around 2/3 cups. Exercise at least 3 hours a week you will see the good result.
Hi Patty. Thank you so much. I'll do your advices.
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And of course a lot of vegetables, no coffee and tea , no soda and no sugar substitute but "stevia " is ok.
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Your numbers are diabetic as is your a1c. A1c if 5.7 can get You diagnosed.  Non diabetic fasting is less than 95. 125+ will get You diagnosed.  Post eating should be less than 120. You do need to see your doctor about your numbers.  

If you want to manage this without meds (may or may not be possible) you need to eat low carb.  This would effectively man no grains, added sugars,  fruits.  Low carb, Paleo or keto style.

Please take action for the sake  odd your health and your career.
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Thank you for your recommendations.
But my new question is: If I do work out and don't eat carbo h. And after several months my numbers will come down, Am I diabetic person or not?
If your answer is YES or NO what have I do after that for continue normal life?
Yes your diabetic BUT you are controlling your BG with diet and exercise.
Define normal?  you will NOT be able to eat rice or bread or any carbohydrate (in quantity) and maintain normal BG numbers without drugs.  Metformin to insulin there are a lot of drugs that can help.

being a pilot I would think that insulin would be a deal breaker.  Dont know about metformin
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How about buy "blood glucose meter"?
If YES, what brand do you recommend for me? And how many times i have to use it? And what times?
Thank you my friends
Hi ArGiyahchin, this is a great question, why don't you start a new thread and see what discussion gets going?
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Welcome to the Community! Here is a little about ideal diabetes numbers from MedHelp.org and the Sugar Sense app.  


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