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Diagnosed 6 months ago with a1c .7.6.  Due to high fasting levels around 130 I take 1000mg metformin twice a day.  I have lost 28 lbs from watching carbs and just took another a1c.  It was 6.4.  I am thrilled it went down but do I need to cut even more carbs to get it in the 5 range?  
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The A1c covers about 3 month average Of BG.  So if your BG is still going down part of the 3 month average is from a time when your BG was higher than it is now, so the A1c may come down more on the next test.

I wish I knew what "watching carbs" means, a lot of people use that expression...I have no Idea what it means.  I eat under 50gr of carbs a day and I watch them.  My wife watches her carbs and she eats about 300 a day so what does "watching carbs" mean?
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Congrats on your results. taking charge does work.  Your doing good :)
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Hahaa,  well right now I do under 50 for meals and under 15 for snacks.  So it would mean lowering them even more.  I do eat white rice, cultural meals, but I could take that out although it might kill me lol.  I don't even really know if 6.4 is good.  Just what I have read online that the goal for diabetics is below 7.  I guess I would like below the pre-diabetes level.  My doc did say if I loose weight it could go away altogether. Nut I thought once you got diabetes it was forever.   So confused
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5.9 is non diabetic A1c  
Ya the MDs say 7 is a good A1c That is higher than non diabetics Then they turn> non diabetics do not get neropathy do not loose toes or go blind.  The Mds say 7 is good "O by the way" Mds say " most diabetics get complications".  WTH!!  Keep your BG over healthy limits (BG over 136 causes damage) and yes you get complications.

Your doing good you should be proud.
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You will not doubt be aware that your sugar levels will fluctuate depending on what you eat, the time of day when you take your glucose reading (if you have a monitor at home) and with exercise.

In the UK 6.4 is classed as a pre diabetes.  and Levels of 6.9 and above are classed as being diabetic.

You are doing and have done well with controlling and managing your diabetes.  

Your doctor will advise you and may even reduce the amount of metformin that you take each day.

I was diagnosed with diabetes in September 2013 after being prediabetic for about 6 years and do have peripheral nerve damage that was diagnosed when I was not confirmed as having prediabetes.    I was prescribed and take 1 500mg of Metformin SR (Modified Slow Release) once a day after my evening meal and this does work for me.

I am not concerned with regard to dropping my sugar levels to 5 and you do need to be careful so as not to drop too low and end up with problems due to too low a sugar level.  This is called hypoglycaemia.

I do feel when my sugar levels start to drop too low, because I experience, extreme hunger to the point of feeling nausea, sometimes experience cold and start to shake with headache.

Do be aware that sugar levels do go up and down even in a person that does not have diabetes.  So your "number" will never stay the same.

I agree with diabetes86, be proud that you are doing well and managing your diabetes.  If you do have any concerns, do speak with your doctor or diabetic nurse.  In the UK we do get annual diabetic checks as a routine, but more frequently when the diabetes is not controlled well.  

We also get our eyes checked annually for any damage to the back of the eye because of diabetes.  This test is not the same as going to the optician to check for problems with vision.  

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Thanks for the info.  I just had my eye check and it was said that all way fine.  I don't feel like the dr. here informed me very well on anything diabetes related as I am just getting most of my info from the internet.  I got a monitor and was not even told what levels I should be aiming for!  Am I able to be free of diabetes?  like if I get my numbers down will I not have diabetes anymore or is it something that I will have for life?  
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As I understand, once you are diagnosed as having diabetes, then you do have it regardless if the levels go down.  What it means is that you have diabetes that is well managed.  Sometimes people can manage their diabetes by diet and exercise alone, but they are still a diabetic.

Sometimes pregnant ladies can get gestational diabetes, but that does not mean they are a diabetic, but their risk of becoming a diabetic later on is increased.

An HBA1C blood test that shows a reading of 6.4 is classed as pre-diabetes.  The marker was lowered last year in the UK, so now if your HBA1C is 6.9 or over you are classed as a Type 2 diabetic.

Doctors usually recommend you have a home monitor if your sugar levels are not well managed so that you can keep a record of your readings to see how well (or not) you are managing and whether your medication needs adjusting or changing.

With using a home monitor, you do not want to have your sugar levels drop below 5 otherwise you could end up having a hypoglycaemic attack with symptoms like I explained in my previous post.

Only use your monitor when you experience symptoms.  Low sugar level symptoms as mentioned before;  High sugar levels can make your vision foggy, you may feel thirst and your skin may start to itch.  

Having uncontrolled sugar levels can also bring on fungal problems.  So if you do start to itch and feel sore in the genital area, in the groin and your inner thighs, do not neglect it and get it treated.  It is much better to get it treated as soon as problems begin otherwise it takes much longer to get it sorted.

Ask your doctor's surgery if they do run diabetic sessions so that you can learn more about diabetes and looking after yourself, your feet, eyes and so on.  Never neglect any open sores or wounds as they do not heal very well if you have diabetes.

I have had pre-diabetes for about 6 years and was classed as a Type 2 September 2013 when my HBA1C levels reached 6.9 mmol/l

My husband is a Type 2 diabetic and is now on insulin and metformin which is working for him now.  He became a Type 2 diabetic when he was 50 (he is 64 now).  

My mother too got diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic in her 50s, and the reason it came about to have her urine checked by the doctor (she would not go) was when the optician asked "Are you a diabetic".  This was a red flag to me and I insisted that she got checked out.  She must have had diabetes for quite a long time without it being detected and it caused damage inside her eyes.  She does have diabetic retinopathy which is monitored on a regular basis by the eye specialist at the hospital.  She had been on metformin for a long time and also now has to have insulin and metformin.

Don't forget that your sugar levels will fluctuate and will go up after you have eaten anything (or drink juices, milk, milk shakes).

Don't allow your sugar levels to drop too low before bedtime.  
My mother used to get hypos when her sugar levels dropped to 4.  I don't know what my sugar levels were when I experienced a hypo (low sugar level) because I didn't have a monitor to check, but I certainly felt quite ill to the point of heaving until I got something to eat.

Hope that answers your queries.

Best wishes.

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Thank you so much
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Keep up your good efforts.

Managing diabetes is a marathon, not a sprint, and so you need to make these changes and efforts long term.

Recommend you do cut down on the rice as well.  Rice is well known for raising blood sugars.

Ideally you will keep your blood sugars in the range of 80-120.  Exercise may also help to reduce your blood sugars and if you can do some exercise every day.
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Yes I have cut my serving of rice to a half cup.  Bit I thought 2 hours after a meal it only needed to ce below 180
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The MDs say 180 after 2hours.
the MDs are NOT the ones that go blind, WE do
the MD know that BG over 136 causes damage to your body.  But they will not get sued for it because they are following stranded practice.  
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