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I have type 2 diabetes. My doctor prescribed Byetta and I tried it for several months and the nausea side effects of it was devastating and caused me to gain even more weight. So, when my doctor told me about victoza and its weight loss benefits I was extremely excited about this revolutionary drug that would help lower my blood sugar level, AND LOSE WEIGHT at the same time.  

In the beginning, Victoza was God sent to me. My apetite decreased and I dropped 15 pounds in about 4-6 months. And I did not experience nausea at any time. Then, all of a sudden the weight loss stopped. My weight loss became stagnated and have been ever since. It has been 2 years since that time and while my blood glucose level and A1C is good, I have gained the 15 pounds back and more. No matter what I do, I cannot lose weight.

Before Byette, my doctor tried many different kinds of pills (example metformin and glumetra) but the sides effects had my life on hold. I had untrollable bowel explosions 24/7. I hhave heard many people say they loss weight on these pills but not me, just the 24/7 bowel explosions.

I would like to hear if anyone have ever experience hear loss whille on Victoza. I have not seen anywhere that this is a side effect but my hair began balding in big patches right after I got on Victoza and thinning out. It is still light this and I am so frustrated, conscioused and sometime down over it. I know it could be worse but my hair stylist is convince that it has to e=be my Victoza meds because this was not happening before. I bought expensive all natural hair vitamins with biotin in it that was spposed to help grow my hair back and make it full again but that made it worse. I have gone to a 2nd & 3rd hairstylist for their opinion and they are all at a loss and said it has to be my diabetes medicine. I even went to a a dermattologist but she did not know why it was happening.

If anyone have this problem or know why this is happening since I became diabetic please let me know. My endocinologist said the only alternative is to place me on insulin bvut I refused because that would mean more weight gain plus the Victoza is working to keep my glucose under control.
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My doctor felt I was borderline diabetic. I disagree, but I began using Victoza for just over a week in early October. I didn't like Victoza and it was way too expensive so I stopped, but three weeks later, I began to notice I was losing large amounts of hair.  This has never happened before to me in my life. I don't color or process my hair in any way and I'm very gentle on it when I wash and comb it. Still, my shower drain strainer is completely covered in hair when I shower. Every time I comb it out, it's depressing to see a big handful of precious hair in my comb. It's now seven weeks later and I'm still losing hair, but it may be slowing down a bit. I realize the hair loss might not have been due to the Victoza, but I'm in pretty good condition with enviable blood chemistry (glucose slightly high, but not alarming) and no vitamin deficiencies. I take 50mg of Atenolol daily. Until a couple of weeks ago I did take the occasional Prilosec, but I have stopped taking that, too, just in case it was causing or contributing to the hair loss. Perhaps it was a combination of one or more of my prescriptions, just one of them, or something else. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hope the hair loss will stop now and that it's reversible.
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Yes, I have experiences hair loss on Victoza.  It has been significant.  I will be discontinuing Vicotza for other reasons.  Since taking it, I have dealt with serious stomach upset and constipation.  Ultimately I have wound up with diverticulosis, most likely from all the straining in the colon.  I am extremely upset
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