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Abnormal blood fasting level - confused about next steps

I had one fasting blood sugar test that was 2 points above normal (102). Should I make dietary changes now or should I get another test or take another TYPE of test? My doctor didn't recommend any changes. He just said we'd redo the test next year.

I have a strong family history of diabetes; however, no one got it at a young age and I'm only in my 30s.

I'm thin at 127 lbs. and am very active, working out vigorously 4-5 times per week.  I always thought my diet was quite good in general although it might be a bit carb heavy and I do occasionally binge on sugary foods (I blame PMS).

Since I already exercise regularly and am a normal weight, I'd prefer not to restrict my diet if I don't have to. But I also don't want to ignore the test results if it means I’m heading in the direction of developing diabetes.
In retrospect I have noticed that lately my cravings for sweets is worse than ever, and I sometimes feel sleepy after a really big dinner. Also, I have noticed some possible nerve problems like tingling in my arms at night and numbness of my fingers so I'm not sure if this could be related. Also, while I don’t  often feel thirsty, I have noticed occasionally that I seem dehydrated; for example, a dent on my skin from lying down will stay there for a long time.

So, what should my next step be and do I need to start cutting down on the carbohydrates immediately?
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with your family history you could ask for a glucose tolerance test.
It would not hurt to cut back on carbs.  why make the pancreas work harder than it needs to?  Neropathy usually takes years of high BG to show symptoms.
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You need to understand that diabetes has no age limit, young and old can become diabetic. Your 102 mg/dl actually is 3 points above the maximum normal and considered prediabetes. Now is the time to make lifestyle changes before you do become diabetic.

Try not to eat large meals laden with carbohydrates and starches [potatoes, white rice, pasta, white breads] or your glucose [blood sugar] levels will elevate above normal. Eat to you feel full, not until you feel stuffed. I believe you already know part of your problem is indulging in sugary sweets. Those "tingling in my arms at night and numbness of my fingers" is your body telling you something neurological is malfunctioning. If you stop the sweets and they continue please go see a Neurologist for an exam. Good luck
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