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Air embolism

Hi, I am not sure where I should post this question but it's somehow related to diabetes.

My 65 year old mother was injecting insulin when she had forgotten to fill the syringe with the drug and had accidently injected about 18 units (1/2cc syringe) of air into her tummy. Will this amount cause air embolism?

I have already called a doctor and he asked me not to worry but I am still worried and hope to seek second opinions here.

Thanks in advance!
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Listen to the doctor, he/she is correct. And, its not air embolism which is normally called gas embolism due to gas bubbles in the bloodstream. In other words, don't worry.
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i just joined this wesite this morning, because i have a few questions that i need answered.  My mom went to the hospital two days ago for open heart surgery(had to get valves fixed).  The surgery went fine and her heart is working perfectly, but coming out of sedation she started having convulsions on her right side, while her left side was inactive.  The doctors say that an air bubble may have entered the bloodstream during surgery and has moved to the brain.  She has now been unconcious for two days after the surgery.  However good news is that her brain is showing activity, and she has both involuntarily and voluntary movement on her left side, the side that was limp when she started having convulsions.  
My questions are as follows--
Can bubbles make their way out on their own?
Is she in a Coma?
Is this story common?
Will there be any permanant damage to the brain, or any part of body?
Please help me understand my moms condition because i am in college and shes in greenville lying in a bed unconcious.
Thank you.
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You posted on the type 2  diabetes forum. Go back to the top of this page and click on Forums, scroll down to "Ask a Doctor", Cardiovascular Disease forum and post there. Call the hospital and get the name & phone number of the attending surgeon. Call his/her office first thing in the morning. I'm sure they will be glad to answer all your questions and concerns as he/she is the best and only person to discuss your mother's health with.
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