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Am I diabetic? Please help

I am 48 year old male. Yesterday night I woke up 3 times for urination. In the afternoon I felt dizzy and that lasted all night. I went to see a GP fasting in the morning today who did some test analysis such as Glucose Fasting (Plasma- FPG) and some kidney function analysis. The result came back with 7.7 mmol/L for the Glocose. The kidney function was normal. I was fasting for 8-9 hours.
My blood pressure is high 140 and 95
The doctor want to make some more analysis tomorrow to confirm that I am diabetic.
He will do some extra blood test for liver and kidney
Now am I diabetic? Why I have high blood pressure? does that have any relation with Diabetes.
I am worried about liver and kidney. Please tell me if this is considered high blood sugar? and I am feeling unstabel and little bit dizzy
Please let me know.
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Not sure what the 7.7mmol/l is???? But yes and blood pressure 140/90 is considered to high and need meds. Normal is 120/80..I had high blood pressure before I ever got Diabetes at age 38. High blood pressure runs in family's or is caused bye a bad diet like one high in salt. It can be controlled with exercise or cutting back on salt and stress. I drink natural organic "Bragg" apple cider vinegar. You can get it at the health store for 5.99$. You can also look up benefits from vinegar on line and it will tell you all the health benefits. It has lowered my blood pressure and so much more.. I need to no what your fasting blood sugar was??? If over like 130-200 fasting then YES that is a sign of diabetes. You can learn allot more and get answers by going to this site www.diabetes.org   Let me no what the DR says and try and stay Calm which lowers blood pressure..We sometimes just get high blood pressure from stress. If it is high DAILY then med's are needed, if it is just high once in awhile just keep a eye on it!
God Bless,
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What was your fasting Glucose? Normal range is 65-99 and did they do a ALT and a AST which is your liver? If that was normal great. My mom has fasted several times with a fasting blood sugar of 102 for yrs but the Dr wasn't worried about it. She still is NOT Diabetic and is 80.. When I got tested my Fasting Blood Sugar was 600 OMG...Ended up in the Hospital for fluids then they started me on Insulin. If someone has kidney problems or kidney failure their GFR is <60 for chronic kidney disease and <15 for Kidney failure. Hope this helps and hang in there!!  PS...Does Diabetes run in the family?  Are you overweight which can also cause high blood pressure
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Thanks for the reply.
My fasting Glucoseis 7.7 mmol/l which is equal to 139 mg/dl.
I did ALT and a AST and some other anaylsis but result will be ready today.
Yes diabetes run in my family. Both father and mother. I am not. Just a little overweight. I am 1.86 m or 6.1 ft if you are in the US. I have no hidtory of blood pressure I am always 120 over 80
but when I went to the hospital I was dizzy that was I asked because it is the first time.
Why Dr's do liver and kidney analysis. I am worried about this or this is a normal procedures they have to do with all diabetic patients.
I will post the result when I get it I really need help and advices. Thanks
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Type 2 Diabetes, it is the Acidic by-products that accumulated in the cellular environment that hinder the function on insulin to bring in glucose into the cells for energy production or storage. This condition is commonly known as Insulin Resistance. Type 2 Diabetes is not because of lack of Insulin but the inability of insulin to perform its task to open up the glucose channels into the cells and when the glucose cannot enter the cells, it bounce back into the bloodstream and causes hyperglycemia.
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