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Am I prediabetic or diabetic right now?

I was told I was pre-diabetic a year ago and my doctor prescribed medication (metformin). Since then, all the tests I have done have been while on medication. I want to know what my real numbers are now and do not want the medication to lower my numbers, but show the real tolerance my body has to glucose without any aid. .

What I mean is that a year ago I was prediabetic (with no meds), and right now my numbers show prediabetes (with medication). I do not know if that means that I would be diabetic if I didn´t take the medication.

The thing is that next test I want to find out if I am really diabetic, I do not want to keep on measuring the effectiveness of metformin (medication) but find out if I developed or not diabetes.

At what time should I take metformin the day before, for it not to effect glucose values?
Am I prediabetic or diabetic right now?

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your fasting should ideally be between 70 - 100.  Over 126 and your meds are not working well enough.

2 hours after eating your numbers should be < 120.

If your numbers are higher than these numbers you need a change in meds.

Have they tested your HA1C?  If not, please get it tested.  This test gives an average of your blood sugars over approx. the last 3 months.

Home meters can sometimes not be so accurate, or maybe it needs recalibration.  Definiltey would recommend to do some further checkup to make sure numbers are really ok.
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what are your numbers?   in am after fasting all night and 2 hours after your meals. why would they put you on meds if your just prediabete ?  thats what they say i am, but am loseing weight and watching what i eat/execrise mine is getting better so no meds.
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Being pre-diabetic is the perfect time to prevent yourself from developing diabetes thru diet and exercise.  Your doctor should have suggested this first before putting you on medication.  Even once you become diabetic...diet and exercise is very important.  If your numbers are high on medication, I doubt they will improve when off the medication.  I would find an Endocrinologist and start over with this, it can be determined thru blood tests if you can try to reverse this with diet and exercise, but I think your current doctor jumped the gun on giving you medication so quickly.  Plus, the medication is not controlling your sugar and that needs to be addressed. I would just start fresh with an Endo and go from there.  I wish you all the best!
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My fasting numbers are ok. This has been my numbers 2 hours after meals.
1st test (prior to medication): 122.
2nd test (2 months after started medication): 198
3rd test (with medication): 155. This 3rd test was done one year after the first test. In that year I lost 40lbs, exercised, ate healthy and took my medication.

Why did my numbers worsen after a year of medication, exercise and healthy food?
The 122 was measured with no medication, the 155 was measure while I was taking medication.

I asked myself the same thing, Why would I have to take medication if I had prediabetes?
Could the medication have worsened my situation? Now it seems I cannot stop medication because I feel bad (frequent urination, thirst, hunger)
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The bad thing is that after a whole year of exercising, eating healthy and taking medication. My doctor told me I could quit the med, and it was impossible. (I began urinating frequently, extremely thirsty and hungry, felt like my body wasn´t absorbing the food). And had to go back to medication.

In my answer above to heartfluttersflyawayplz there are my test results.

I am measuring my glucose daily and the weirdest thing is that I am getting glucose numbers around 70 two hours after meals, when at lab I got 150.

I just want to do the test without medication interfering the results. At what time should I take the medication the day before for it not to interfere with results?

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When I was diagnosed with diabetes on my 40th birthday, 17 years ago; I was told that 140 fasting, was the cut-off for being diabetic.  The medical community has since lowered that number and now your fasting blood glucose levels should not be over 100.

The doctor I have now, tells me that two hours after meals, should not be any higher than 120-135.  That's MY doctor.  Other doctor's may say something else.

If you really feel that your levels are higher since you started Metformin, tell your doctor the way you feel.  He/she should be more than willing to talk things over with you.

As Sally says, you should have A1C testing done to show them what your levels have averaged over the past 3 months.  If your diabetes is under control, (the United States averages, that is) the doctor's will tell you, 6 and below is the number you should strive for.  

If you want your testing done without your medication, tell your doctor that.  They may say to discontinue the meds for a few days and test then.  I really believe though that you are going to find your levels go way too high.  If you levels are higher than normal on Metformin, then it could be you need another medication (which would be rare) and if your levels are too high and not controlled with diet, exercise and Metformin, then it's time to get on insulin.

Good luck to you.  Once you get everything regulated, living with diabetes is not all that bad.  Just takes some adjustments in lifestyle and medication, to keep yourself healthy.
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