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I live in Canada and our measurement #'s differ from American.
Can you tell me if the Canadian measurement of 5.2 is to be concerned about?
Also will cortisone injections elevate levels?
thank you

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i too use  a meter that measures like this. my doc said healthy should be between 4 and 7. so 5.2 is about right.
i'm not sure about cortisone though...sorry
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"my doc said healthy should be between 4 and 7. so 5.2 is about right"
Is this a comment or a question?

"i'm not sure about cortisone though"
Cortisone pills or injections can elevate glucose levels, creams do not - and likewise, cortisone inhalers generally have a lesser effect or no effect on blood glucose.
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I responded to ikiwiabroad's post by mistake. Blame it on a new browser I'm testing. Apologize for the mixup.

Opus to answer your question, the normal mmo/l levels are 4-7 mmo/l. If you were fasting 8-10 hours prior to testing then 5.2 mmol/l would be considered normal.
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