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Beyond diabetes type 2

When I had a heart attack (MI) in 1992 I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic and was advised of the need to take insulin for the rest of my life.As the years went by and my insulin intake increased along with my weight but my sugar level remained fairly consistent HbA1c approx  7.2.
In 2005 I decided on a life style change predominantly targeted at reducing my weight and found that I could reduce my insulin intake.Within six months I no longer needed to take insulin at all and my HbA1c went down to 6.1 and now for two years I still don't need to inject insulin or take any insulin type medication. This year I started to explore if it was possible to lower my blood sugar levels to an non diabetic level and have made progress in that direction by adding alpha lipoic acid to my daily intake and almost immediately saw by blood sugar drop and have a average reading of 5 which should mean my next HbA1c test is much lower than previously , namely in the region of 5 .
As I have been making this change my cholesterol medication has dropped from 40mg per day to 5 , with the hope I can get off it completely and blood pressure medication reduced by 50%.
I am curious to know of other peoples experience with alpha lipoic acid.
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First off Javelin, congratulations on taking control of your lifestyle and becoming a much healthier person. Its never too late to start.

For the past 5 years I've been ingesting 300 mg of ALA twice daily. I took ALA for its main purpose of recirculating vitamins C & E and to help promote healthy liver cells. As a patient with chronic liver disease it was not intended to lower my glucose as I wasn't diagnosed as a type 2 until late 2004. It is, however, good to read about your ALA experience.
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I decided to try alpha lipoic acid  300mg twice daily to see if I could find the limits to insulin resistance. As a precautionary measure I still eat what I consider a healthy diet most vegetables some of it raw, no meat or fish  and no dairy products in an attempt to improve my arteries.
I am on a statin aimed at lowering cholesterol but can have some adverse effects on the liver which ALA partially corrects, my aim is to get off as much medication as possible.

In my opinion to control diabetes is to gather as much information as possible particularly regular blood testing so that you can identify specific food types that cause your blood sugar to rise and stay high. Potatoes, bread and bran flakes were ditched an remain so after more than two years of no injections.
Has ALA had a measurable benefit on your liver?
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Yes, ALA has made my liver healthier. My AST (SGOT) and ALT (SGPT) enyzmes are at good levels than previous.
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I am type2 and have cirrhosis due to hepC. Will ALA help my liver? I have taken milk thistle for 14 years, but I am not sure it has helped. What do you think? Do you have cirrhosis?

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I read a study that said that taking Alpha Lipoic Acid plus Omega 3 would work as well as taking Metformin.
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I find that both ALA and NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) provide tremendous aide to the liver along with 'pure' Milk Thistle extract. Large doses of NAC are given to patients who have ingested poisonous mushrooms to help stabilize and strengthen the liver. My surgeon(s) concurred and said to "go for it". I consume 600mg of NAC 1x daily. No cirrhosis even after 5 years of living with a transplanted liver and HCV geno 1a.
My type 2 is brought about by my TP med. Diet (organic foods), no liquor, and moderate exercise keeps everything in check.
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