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Blood Tests

hello, i've recently been diagnosed with diabetes. not sure which one as i haven't been back to the doctor's yet. it was certainly a shock. i am guessing it's type 2. after the initial tests that discovered my condition my doctor sent me off for yet more tests something about lipids and something else plus a urine analysis. would these tests be to determine if it's 1 or 2? i've actually had symptons for many years which i never knew why they were happening but seem to be getting worse and more frequent. nausea when drinking juice. very bad weakness that has me unable to do much, hot flushes that has me sweating profusely, confusion, my partner has actually noticed that i'm very confused sometimes. sometimes i have blank minutes where i dunno what i've been doing for the past few minutes. sometimes my partner tells me something that has happened and i have no memory of it but can recall if i try.  i'm totally overwhelmed by the whole deal which is why i haven't been back to the doctors yet. i will soon i suppose... can't bear the nagging much longer :-)
my regards.
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Hey Symbol,

go back to the Doctor.  Diabetes is generally manageable, with diet, exercise and meds.  Yes, it's overwhelming at first, but ignoring it can lead to very serious complications, even be life threatening (and sounds like you are not very well at the moment).    

Things will get better if you start treating this, but bite the bullet and get on with it.

Ask your partner to go with you, if you need support.

Let us know how you go. Go to your doctor on Monday!!! Please!!

Best wishes
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I'm a bit puzzled that your doctor let you leave his/her office w/o explaining the tests nor what your final lab test results were. As a patient, you have the right to ask and receive copies of all your lab results along with a an explanation of any results that are suspect. I strongly advise that you call your doctors office and request lab copies be mailed to you. If you do not understand your results, or have questions about them, post back with the following information:
1. Full name of test
2. Test result including the range (low and high)
3, Any lab analysis
4. What your doctor said
5. Any treatment programs
6. Any prescribed medication and dose

Don't drink juice or consume anything that makes you feel nauseous, light headed, weak, flushed or abnormal until you discover the reason and know how to treat it.
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thanks for your replies. yes, i will go back this week. probably my fault that i wasn't listening. the doctors initial words were "i've got some bad news" well i reckon i panicked a bit... it'd probably have been better to lead gently into the news. those several seconds before she said diabetes were very long and dark lol. understandable though, she is a doctor from overseas somewhere and her english though very adequate is sometimes a bit off. thanks again for your replies.
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Dont panic. Correct knowledge can keep you healthy for a long time.  I am 88. You must take control.  Don't expect to visit a doctor every month or so and expect him to manage it for you. .  Managing diabetes is a moment to moment job.  First start finding our where your blood sugar is.
If you have medical insurance get the doctor to prescribe a meter.  test strips and start checking and finding out what it going on.  Bayer contour is about the best.  Results in 5 seconds. You can   not manage your diabetes without knowing what is going on.  Only tests will tell you that.  Good luck and reply if you want more info. I would recommend a book but don't want to push too much.
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thankyou layod, very pleased to hear you're healthy in your middle years. please name the recommended book. i would like to check it out.
i have made an appointment 10 days hence for the doctor and 15 days for the educator. i live in a rural district so this sort of wait.. though annoying is the usual. thanks.
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The book is Diabetes Solution by Dr, Richard K Bernstein.  He has type one diabetes since he was 12 years old. He has written several books on diabetes and I think the he wrote  the best of all.  I hope you study diabetes by studying the  book.
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I can guarantee you will know more than that doctor about diabetes if you study it.  It is not like the shelves of medical books at Barnes and Nobles that after you've read them you don't know any more than when you started.  This is clear and understandable and you can prove what he says.
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You should immediately cut out all the drinks and foods with lots of carbs or sugar.  There is no doubt your blood sugar is sky high.
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I had to get back to you after considering the seriousness of your diabetes.  when you read the book you will learn that your blood sugar will go up so many mg/dl for each gram of carbohydrate you eat.  In my case unless I compensate for them my b/g will go up about 5 per carb.  So if I eat 10 grams of carbs my b/g would go up 50 mg/dl.  10 grams  is not all that much. Without much effort I could eat 50 grams of carbs.  In that case my b/g would go up 250!  So if I should start at 100 (fairly decent) my b/g would go up to 350 mg/dl.  Now that is a serious number.  So first of all check out the grams of carbohydrates in your food and decide how to reduce the grams of carbohydrates.
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layod gave you some good advice but please don't confuse good carbs with bad carbs. They're not in the same boat. See this page for comparisons  http://tinyurl.com/cxs4yq
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For me they are both in the same boat.  A carb is a carb is a carb..  They both cause my b/g to go up and up and up.   I will take a look though

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I should probably state that my aim is to keep my a1c at 5.0 or less.  I just got the b/t back and it was 5.1.  The best i have managed to do so far'.   Almost as good as a teenager.  And they don't get strokes and heart trouble. If someone has a different objective then what they eat is a different problem. But if I intend to keep b/g normal that all carbs have to be considered.
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