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Blood glucose tests and smoking

I'm having some blood work done that will include a glucose test. The requisition form includes instructions to fast for 12 hours prior to the test, but does not mention anything about tobacco use, and I do unfortunately smoke.

Perhaps to be safe I should abstain from smoking as well as food prior to the test, as nicotine could affect my blood glucose levels. But on the other hand, doesn't *nicotine withdrawal* also affect blood glucose levels? I've heard it claimed that some nicotine withdrawal symptoms are really mild hypoglycemia, although I am unsure about the accuracy of that claim.

Any suggests on how to proceed? What about smoking a couple of hours before the test, so that I would have neither significant nicotine in my system nor be in significant withdrawal? Note that I have no current diagnosis of diabetes, but that possibility is one reason my glucose is being tested.
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I do not think smoking will really affect your fasting glucose test.  I am not positive, but why not ask your doctor before having the blood test done.
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Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately I'm planning to go first thing tomorrow morning. But if smoking was problematic for this test then wouldn't the instructions explicitly prohibit it?
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Your right they would have said something to you if you couldn't smoke before your blood fasting test.  
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