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Blood sugar level 6.9

Hello , I  was just told  by a receptionist at the office  that my blood sugar level is  6.9 , which is slightly higher than normal but not diabetic.. Can any help on the topic .I have  to see my Doc on Monday .
I have problems  with urination and  semen leakage recently and checked for  std  but all tests  were -ve .I also  feel  too much  gas in my stomach and feel extremely uncomffortable .I am only 30 Year old.
Please let me knnow
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If you live in the U.S. I'm going to assume that 6.9 is an A1C. I'm not sure why you think that is "not diabetic"  because it is. Anything over 6.0 is considered diabetes. Please talk with your doctor and get him to clarify which Type you are. He can do an antibody test and a c-peptide which will clarify this. It is important to know how to treat you to be sure of your Type. Then make sure he schedules you to meet with a diabetic educator so you can learn about management of your diabetes. I'm sorry to bring you this information, but diabetes is a manageable condition and the more you learn the better you will do.
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Receptionist told me that it is  not  yet  at diabetes level .Maybe she  did not  wanted to  break the news  to me.
However i have compared my notes on this  and  checked my readings on the  tests done  last time  which was in may of  2008 and  my reading  was  5.2 . Today it is  6.9 .Can the readinng be  change in just 18 months  so high?
I would  like  to know  how  severe  my case  is  considering if 6.9 is  the correct measurement  and  I am still  30 year old and unmarried.
thanks ..
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Yes, the reading can most certainly rise that much in 18 months. 6.9 is definitely a diabetic level, but not extremely high. What is important is to have your Type diagnosed and to learn how to manage your diabetes to keep it under control. There is a lot you can do towards that end but you will have to learn about it after your Type is clarified. Let us know how your appointment goes with your doctor Monday.
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I intend to marry in few  days .Do u think  it will  have an  impact on that .
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You have a lot going on at the moment, because you have a lot to learn about managing your diabetes. But your wife can learn along with you and help support you in eating a proper diet. Like I said, you need to clarify if you are Type 1 or Type 2 as that will make a difference in your management. Are you overweight or not? Do you have another autoimmune disease like thyroid? Be sure the doctor does the tests.

Congratulations on your marriage.
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I am fairly a normal person at 5'4 and 140LBS .However my lifestyle has been very rough and  careless over the last 7 years with lots of  smoking and  apprently no  care for  diet.During the last 2 years i woirked in office under   lot of  stress (mental & physical) .I  was also diagnosed iwth Gloucoma  last year .However my current situation i believe is the result of the wrong diagnosis .You can aslo see my other posts to get the idea but here is timeline .
June 5 had  sex  with prostitute; protected though
June 20 had  a sperm discharge and  did not  take  any notice of  it .
July 01 All of a sudden it dawned  on me  that discharge might be  a result of  an STD and went to Doctor  .He prescribed  Cipro  for  1 week.
I took  the Cipro for 1 week and was ok with excessive urine  and  burning itching . but  a new  sympton appeared and  i started feeling extreme pressure  in my  groin area . I  thought may be  it  is  part of  the std  so went to doctor again and  he  prescribed  Cipro again for  whole  monnth(my STD  reports all came back -ve ) and  i took it  all. Here is  where things started  taking turrn .I  starting feeling itching on my skin  and on certain days  in the morning my genitals  became  so hot (literally in temp ) that it  was almost unbearable  so i went to  doctor  and  he sent me  to a  urologist .He did  all  the test including Prostate and  looking up  urethra through Camera .Everything was fine.
I went  to a different  doctor to  get  the  STD  test done again .I  am -ve  again .
then in January  i went  doctor again and  he  did  the Blood  fasting  which  showed a  6.9 .
Do you  see any  relevance  in that  or  All  my symptoms  were  Diabetes from  day  1.
BTW I am in Toronto  and our  Health care system kind of ***** and  takes  long time  .
Let me know please .
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You might have noticed above I stated "If you live in the U.S. I'm going to assume that number is an A1C". You didn't respond to that. You now mention that you live in Canada and that this was a fasting blood sugar. That is entirely different, because 6.9 is equivalent to 124 which is, in fact "pre-diabetes" not diabetes. This is the reason you have to be very clear communicating if you seek information on an internet website!

I have no idea about the STD situation and what if any relevance it has to pre-diabetes..none probably. You said you have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so that is the time to write down any questions you have and make sure you are clear on exactly what the doctor is recommending.
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Hi ,
Somehow  I assumed  that standards are  same  in both countries.
My apologies for confusion.
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There is a different measuring system for blood sugar in the two countries, which led me to believe you were referring to another test, H1C which averages blood sugar over a period of a couple months. I'm sorry that I led you astray by saying you were over the line to be diagnosed. For fasting blood sugar the standards are: Under 100-non-diabetic, 100-125 pre-diabetes and 126+ diabetes. Since your number 6.9 is equivalent to 124 (multiply by 18) you are just under the line. As your doctor will tell you it will be very important for you to change your eating patterns, exercise and lose any excess weight to slow down or prevent the progression to diabetes. Once you meet with your doctor I suggest you do more research and find a website with more traffic where you can learn from other people how to manage pre-diabetes. Good luck to you.
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Is it possible to lower the lever  from where it is  .Or it  just keeps  going up.
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As I mentioned above, diabetes is a progressive disease but  it is possible to slow down or prevent the progression  with control of diet, (eliminating sugar and reducing carbs), exercise and a healthy weight. Oral meds may be prescribed if needed. There is a lot of information available on the web. You might start with BloodSugar101.com. Also ask your doctor to refer you to a diabetic educator.
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Hi ,
lets say that i keep a strict control on my diet and  do a good  exrcise and  bring my level down  about  6 or lower .will i  still be  prediabetic. what will happen  my body's resistance to insulin etc etc ?
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I would say that if you have tested diabetic / prediabetic you have the tendency for it to progress.

However, it is possible for some people (with good attention to diet and exercise and weight management) to return their blood sugars to normal range.

In the long run, there is still a good chance that the diabetes will come out again.... but it will have been postphoned for a (long) while and the complications prevented.

Again exercise and maintaining optimal weight along with diet can go a long way in preventing the progression of prediabetes to diabetes, or in returning prediabetic levels to normal.
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Hi All,
I just came back from Doctors office and he assured  me  that is within normal limits and  I need nothing to worry about.
Is he correct ?
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Worry? No, worrying isn't useful. But as both Sally and I suggested above, as a pre-diabetic you should make changes in your diet (eliminate sugar and lower carb intake), get regular exercise and lose weight if needed to keep it from progressing to full diabetes or at least to slow that progression down. Consider being pre-diabetic a good heads up to make changes. It's your health after all!
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If it is 6.9 mmol/l then it is not diabetes and you need not worry. If its is Hb1Ac 6.9 then its definitely diabetes mellitus. For bloated feeling, you need to regularise your diet, have lot of green leafy vegetables and exercise regularly. You will be fine.
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I had my random glucose checcked which was at 4.8 well within normal limits .Do you think  some one with fasting level of 6.8 can have random level  at 4.8 ?
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A1C is 6.9 is right before the borther line. You should watch your diet and exercise more in order to prevent diabetes from being diagnosed.
I regret that it happened to me 10 months ago when my doctor told me of this number but I seemed not to care. Now I am a diabetic :-(
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An A1C of 6.9 would be diabetic as the cutoff is 6.0. However, the OP is not referring to an A1C but to a fasting blood sugar of 6.9 on the Canadian number system which is equivalent to 124 U.S. and is pre-diabetic (126 would be diabetic). The different number systems can be confusing.
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Hi All ,
I have made some significant changes in my lifestyle including Quitting smoking , joining a gym and reducing the carbs .I do have a question regarding fruits like Oranges ( I just love them ) . Will they hurt me  in any way if I keep  eating one  or more fruits per day ?
I also heard that guava( without skin )is really good  to lower the sugar level ?
Over the last 4 days i have been waking  in the middle of the night  to urinate which i think is mainly because of the stress . Is that a normal or a person has  to live with that ?
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The key to knowing what you can eat is to test, test, test. If you want to eat oranges, eat one and then test two hours later and make sure your blood sugar is under 140. If not, then you either can't eat oranges or you might have to eat 1/2 an orange.

As for waking in the middle of the night to urinate, this can be caused by high blood sugars. Again, test to see where your blood sugars are at.

Good for you on making some great changes in your lifestyle; it really makes a difference!
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I often feel itchy skin and  a sort of rash like situation . Is that Diabetes symptom ?
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Hello All ,
I was able to get the  copy of the test results which are as follows;
Glucose serum fasting : 6.9mmol/l
Creatinine :73
eGFR :90

Albumin : 46
Bilirubin : 15
Urate : 361
Cholesterol 4.11
Triglycerides: 1.65
HDL Cholesterol : 1.24
LDL Cholesterol :2.11

Please let me know what you guys  think  . How  bad are my results?
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we need to know the reference ranges of your tests.

What did your dr say.

The fasting is still borderline. Keep working on your diet and lifestyle measures.
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