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Bouncing of Blood sugar

I am type 2 diabeteic patient. Due to skipping meal, I developed adrenaline stress and by diamicron  metformin
But blood sugar was never high. Doctor gave me Lantus and Humalog. It was working well for a year. Then blood was becoming high, Doctor gave me LEVEMIR. If I take 10 units of humalog, after two hours sugar drops 4 points, I think this is the right dose for humalog for what I eat. I eat 60 gram Carb every meal. But 3 hours, sugar tries to go low, but insead, it bounces back and proceede to values and I start to feel hypo,  though I never see sugar 9. It is not hypo value, why sugar bounces up, why feel shaky, fear etc. I use LEVIMIR as base insulin. Why body is obstructing sugar to low, and why it gives hypo feeling.

Can any body me the reason and how to overcome this situation? My sugar is going high now.

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I took 21 unit at bed time, sugar came down to 7.4 in the morning. After 1 hour sugar was 9. But I cannot tolerate stress , I went outside near my car, I staarted feeling blurriness in my eyes, sugar increased.
I took 14 unit  humalog, I thought it will be 7 again.
Eye blurriness and heart rate increase, is negative and making me depressive.
I believe if take 4 units of levimir sugar will come down. Sugar after 2 hours is 10.
Should I remain inside home for few days untill body is habituated?
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I took 14 unit of humalog, but after 1 hour in did not increase but after 2 hours it it did not decrease. Some times morning time, if I give more humalog it does not decrease sugar.  It is better to decrease carb. Some times after taking humalog in morning, I do not feel good. Yesterday I was feeling bad because I had no levemir in the body.
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To day sugar did not go above 10. Endo told me to take 4 units of levemir in day time, But to day I am not courageous enough to take units. I took 3 units. To morrow I will take 4 units. Let my body be habituated to lower values
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10 is very high you should be around 5  

your BG is high
when its high you dont feel good

This is your post

"Lunch  at 11:45    Insulin 13 units Humalo  40 gram carb
sugar at 12:15 pm      11.7  Not   good
Sugar at 12:45 pm      12.2  Not good
Sugar at 1:15 pm        10.6  Not good
Sugar at  5 pm             7.6  Better but fatigued
Sugar at  5:45 pm        7.4   Beter   Super  13 units Humalog  40 gram carb

BG above 7.6 and you dont feel well.

Id say your 13 IU for 40 carbs id too low, your BG climed after eating.
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Yesterday night, I took less BP medicine, BP increased at 3:30am (150/8575)  That is why sugar did not decrease after 3:30 am. Sugar at #:30am was 7.9

As per your advice I increased humalog to 14 unit and reduced the carb to 35 gram.

: 6am     Morning sugar 9.4   14 unit Humalog
  7a,m                            11.2
   8 am                            9.4

   11:30 am before lunch   8.6
   1:30 pm                          8.3

I took 4 unit of Levemir at   10:30 am

Adrenal weakness  is a problem, It makes pressure and heart rate up
and  down
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What I said was increase insulin OR decrease carbs not both.

: 6am     Morning sugar 9.4   14 unit Humalog
  7a,m                            11.2
   8 am                            9.4

when did you eat and how many carbs?
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I ate ate 6am      35 carb   14 unit humalog
Lunch 11:30 AM   35 CARB  14 unit humalog
Dinner  5:30Pm    40 carb   14 unit carb
Sugar befor super   6.4

What I am ashtonishing if sugar is  of lower value (example 6.4)
if I give same insulin, sugar increases more, Liver dumped? After 1 hour
it is 11.6  Why? Not feeling well

Brown rice + Cabbage + Chicken  I measure brown rice by scale. 200gram = 45 gram carb

While sugar was   6.5 body was shaking too much
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How much humalog I should give at super while  befor super sugar was 6.5? Has levemir has any effect on it?

I was expecting, after 1 hour sugar would be maximum 9
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The humalog counter thje carbs you eat.  NOt the starting BG.

the only time you might cut back on humalog is if your BG is under 4.0

your before supper is 6.5 it used to be 10 and 11 what do you thing has reduced your fasting BG.....    Levemir

Levemir reduces fasting numbers

novalog reduces BG due to food and any BG for a short time ~ 4 hours

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That means, I have given 14 units humalog, is OK as per prevous example

9.4 fasting BG  kept  9.4 after 2 hours.    Before lunch 8.6  made 8.3 after 2 hours.  But before super  6.5  was not kept after 2 hours, it became 10.6. Should I give more humalog? to cancel out carb  
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Do you know any side effect of humalog, or Novolog or Apidra, causing increased heart rate, tremmor or feeling tightness of chest?
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As Bg number is less, probably, I will have to take less humalog, otherwise it might be low later. In my case, sugar is not shown in the meter, but BP increases.
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the side effect of too much insulin is low BG. (below 4.0)

You still dont get it,  
humalog is for the carbs you eat.  
levemir is for your fasting BG
read the two books I told you about

I told you haw to make a chart to see how insulin and carbs affect BG

I gave you two books to read to help you.
Diabetes is a self managed disease, meneing things (BG) change to fast to wait to get answers from other people.  And BG all ways changing, because of stress, carbs, illness, or just because it wants to.

read the books.  you have some funny ideas on how insulin works and what it does. and your not learning from me.
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I believe on point of reasoning. I have symptoms in every changes and I do not feel well.  I have lot of adrenaline surges especially at night. It creates a barricades to follow bg rules and behaves in a different way.

Yesterday night I took 21 units of levimir , but still I did not get the desired BG .  It was 9.7. I ate 40gram and took 13 units humalog.  But at at 11am, before eating it became 7.1.  how it has come down?I was feeling very bad. upto 10 am sugar was 9.7 but came down to 7.1 at 11am. I ate 40 gram carb and gave 14 units humalog. I am not feeling well  even after eating. After  2 hours sugar should be 7.5 to 8.

It is hard to recover from adrenal weakness, But if sugar is under control, it will improve, I believe.  

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Asked you a question before  Does night time Levemir dose depend on BEd time sugar? You did not relpy clearly

Yesterda bed time sugar was 8.2. I took 18 munits again. At  2:45 am sugar came down to 7.4. at 4:30am I got adrenal jer, sugar went up to 9.7.
It became low, did the Somogi effect..
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Sort of,  if fasting BG goes below 3.8 then you need to reduce it.

8.2,      7.4       ARE NOT LOW BG

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You are right. BUt Levemir is not working properly. I cannaccept ot the result as the base for judgement. Adrenaline is surging in a different way. Sometime increasing blood pressure. It makes me awake at 3am every day. I cannot sleep. You say that 7.4 is not low. THeoretically it is correct but right practically. Yesterdat  at 7pm I was taking rest. and feel sleepy. Suddenly I jerk , my heart rate increased. I measure it it was 7.3. It is not low practically. But my body did not accept normally. After 10 pm I trying to sleep, BP was was low, I was hesitating to 300mg BP medicine. I suddenly jerk and BP and HR increased.  At time I tried to incease sugar to be 9.
at 3am I see suar was 8.4, then I did not sleep. sugar did not decredse furher, bed time sugar 9.4. Why levemir will increase BP? Most of the time BP is not high.  My walking BP is falling, masking me hypotensive
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It is rare but some people have problems with one type of insulin it is possible that you have a reaction to levamir you could try switching to Lantis insulin, Lantis is also a 24 hour insulin.
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Morning time sugar was 9.9. I ate 40 gram carb Took 14 unit humalog. I feel brain BOBO. Diabetes headache what does it mean, Have I take more insulin than needed? I took 19 unit of LEvemir, but why my body burns?
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Morning time sugar was 9.9 at 6 am.  I ate 40 gram carb Took 14 unit humalog. sugar was 9.9 after 2 hours at 8am. I feel brain BOBO. Diabetes headache what does it mean, Have I taken more insulin than needed? I took 19 unit of LEvemir, but why my body burns at night?
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It is rare but some people have problems with one type of insulin it is possible that you have a reaction to levamir you could try switching to Lantis insulin, Lantis is also a 24 hour insulin.

If you take too much insulin you will have very low numbers  under 3.8
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You taught me to lower sugar. I was successful considerably throught the day and part of night, at leats 8 an9 ranges. i WAS FEELING better, no high sugar symptoms but now I feel burning.. It is digestion unstability.. Problem is that anxiety and fair is alwayes with me

I was doubted some heart problem, but the heart rulled out. He reduced the dose of BP medicine.

At night if I awake and shake, sugar will not go low, each time I awoke, sugar will go high that time. That is why I cannot make morning sugar low
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levemir  is what lowers night sugars we know you shake with high BG.

up your levemir  by 1IU  in the  AM and PM   your still high BG
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No, you are speaking about ideal conditions. My condition is little different. I was taking too much Levemir than I need. Do you know how levemir works?

Whatever I saw, after taking levemir at night at 10:30pm, I start sleeping, I wake up around 3:30am, Levemir forces expel urin from kidney. But I did not have sufficient fluid in the body, pressure used to go low or high. Yesterday night I went back to 20 units of levemir at bed time and drink 1 b glass of water, I wake up at 12:30am, urinated and drink 1/2 glass of water again, I got up again at 4:30am. Sugar came down to 7. Bed time sugar was 9. But after getting up at 6am, it came up to 8.5.

I the ate 40 gram carb and reduced humalog to 13. At 8am sugar came down to 7.6. I was feeling weak.

Still I feel I am taking more levemir I need, for bthis I am getting unnecessary symptoms. To night I will take 17 units, But day time more than 3 units is not good. I feel headache which is a sign of more insulin needed. I am not habituated to stay below 7, hence for some  days, I should stay in this situation.

I went to heart specialist yesterday, pressure low or high, or body burning is not heart disease. He reduced BP medicine.. He indicated excess insulin. Main problem was dehydration
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Sugar did not stay at 7.6, it should go below as the time goes, but i feel stress on my eyes, bo bo on head, sugar bounced. I ate a little chicke, came down 8 again.  body does not allow go below. In my case it is very rare to have real hypo. It bounces back, if it feels so
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What forces urination at night is high BG

frequent urination at night is one of the symptoms of diabetes and high BG.

BG NEVER stays it always moves

As your BG normalizes (3.8 to 7.7) your eyes become blurry and will settle down. the reason is with high BG your eye swells and as sugar comes down the eye changes shape.

How do you intend to figure out your insulin when you are constantly changing it?

S I said before maybe your allergic to Levemir you can try Lantis.  (although you dont show the classic signs of an allergic reaction.

As I said before BG goes up in the AM  its called Dawn phenomena  or DP.... google it

I dont know where you get your Ideas  

Skipping a meal does not cause diabetes.
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Morning sugar increase ifrom 7.6 to 8.5, I believe 8.5 is not really 8.5. It is is 7.6. I am feeling so bad now, can you explain why?  Sugar at 8am was 7.6. after 10 ninutes, I started feeling blurry, and feeling , I see sugar is 8.7 why? it should be low, why it is high?

My explanation is that, I took more humalog needed. If the base sugar is 7.6 after two hours, it was 7.6, it should go further low, because humalog still one more hour there to reduce.But it increased quickly and it gave a body reaction. Before lunch sugar came up to 8.6.

II do not have frequent urination. If I drink water, the I have to. But now I must drink more water

I ate took again 13 unit humalog and three unit levimir.  But my head is having buzzing sound. Why?
I do have high BG now. It does not go over10..  I believe both insulin Lantus or Levimir ar OK. But I have some more hormon imbalance.

I used Lantus befor. But decided dose but she did not teach me how to change dose in different situation, such as how much I eat, or amount of physical work I do. Probably for this reason bP increased. Then She changed to levemir. Otherwise Lantus was working fine. She was late in giving it, I was trying to control only with humalog and I developed some extra symptom. Now I cannot eradicate those.

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she did not teach me how to change dose in different situation,

once proper Levamir dosage is found it does not change unless consistent change in fasting BG happens.

You are frustrated
I am frustrated  You attribute changes in your body to insulin that I have NEVER herd of. you,  you change things constantly.  You present data willy nilly.  Have you read "Think like a pancreas... NO.  Have you read "using insulin... NO

you dont do things to help yourself.  
YOU need to learn how to get good data so you can look at it and understand.  
You need to read the books to understand how insulin works,  
I tell you and you dont comprehend, for if you did understand you wouldnt do have the things you do.

I cant help you...  
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I have been benefitted . Now no more high sugar symptom. Now left accept the low level situations.  
16th April     Morning sugar at 5am  7   After getting up 8.5
                    8am   7.6  Before lunch 8.6  2 hours after lunch 7.6.
Probaly before super  at 5 pm will be 8.6.  This is a lot of progress.
But I cannot tolerate sudden change. adrenaline surge  Burning sensation has improved.
But I cannot feel normal, untill body accept the change.. I like continue months,
Probably now I know how to get lower value in the morning. Simply one glass of water at bed time, if I get up  at night one more glass of water. Whole day minimum 10 glasses of water

Regarding 18 unit Levemir at at night, I felt a little burning sensation at night. For this I was thinking to try 17 unit, I might avoid the symptom
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No, not 8.6, sugar from then long time  was taying at 7, now at 8:45pm sugar is 6.7. Lowering sugar is almost successful but I have to improve my symptom. But at bed time I will raise it  to 9. I am not habituated to this low value. I do not like to take risk for real hypo at night. It will be harmful for me
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I took 17 units yesterday night, to check if it is good for me or not. Morning was 7.3 was OK. Probably morning sugar is ok because urinating more made less. After that  sugar is high . I am finding host of symptoms now. But yesterday with 18 unit and drinking water was good.  I will pass to day very bad
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I cannot understand also. How yesterday was working better. I took 18 unit levemirs at night and drunk two glass of water.. Sugar went high to 8.6 as low as 6.7

I will repeat this dose. I have hypo tension. When I come out from from the or drive, the BP drops quickly, though not too low. It gives pressure on head and eyes. Doctor told it will go away as BP medicine is stopped.

But 17 unit did not work at all. But 18 units yesterday worked I do not know
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I  face sometimes hedeache, head seems jammed, very bad feeling. some site says it is due to excess insulin. If I eat it goes. Then the pattern is not followed any more. I was feeling this to day morning. Do you have any idea about this?
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Yesterday morning sugar bounced from 7 to 8.8, I was feeing trouble at near 9am, still I continued with low value upto night.

But to day I got morning sugar 7.3 but not bounced, but after eating, it jumped to high value, still before lunce is 8.7 and from then I am having  around 7. Morning time due to adrenal malfunction, it wants high value. It gives me lot of trouble
This is with 17 unit Levemir

Yesterday Morning sugar 7 bounced to 8.6 13 nunit humalog  2 hours after breakfast 7.6 Before lunch 8.6 2 hours after lunch 7.6 before super 7 after super 7 at 8:30 Pm 6.7
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Now efficiently levemir i working.  Only 3 units at 10 am from lunch to 10 pm making most of the values close to 7. !7 or 18 unit at night seems to work similar. Even 21 units did not do that efficient work.

How much unit Levemir should I take at 10 pm now?
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Can you please answer atleast this question. Sugar is not that high, but still I do not feel well why? Am I taking more insulin than needed?

Sugar before supper is 6.9    I took 12 unit humalog, I started feel bad. The I measure it is 11.8 , almost 5 unit increase in half an hour. I ate little  carb and chicken and measure again. Came down to 9.8. Now starting to increase from 9.8. What is the reason of so high value? later I checked it never went up 10. The sudden jerk of 11.8 gave me a reaction and I loosing normal feeling.  Have I given more humalog  than needed?
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My answers  *have stars *

Can you please answer atleast this question. Sugar is not that high, but still I do not feel well why? Am I taking more insulin than needed?

*I dont know why
do you tell me your BG   no
when is this    
I dont know you dont say when*


Sugar before supper is 6.9   *WHEN*
I took 12 unit humalog, *When I dont know you dont say*

I started feel bad. *When   I dont know you dont say*

I measure it is 11.8   *When,,,, I dont know you dont say*

almost 5 unit increase in half an hour. *that will make you feel bad  ANY rapid change in BG will make you feel bad*

I ate little  carb and chicken   *I DONT KNOW YOU DONT SAY When OR HOW MANY CARBS*

when and measure again. WHEN I DONT KNOW YOU DONT SAY
Came down to 9.8. *WHEN  I DONT KNOW YOU DONT SAY*

Now starting to increase from 9.8. *WHEN YOU DONT SAY

*BG goes up , from carbs, sometimes exercise,  pain, anxiety, late digestion.  after fast insulin is gone and you are not taking enough basal insulin.  lots of reasons,  that is what happens to diabetics the BG goes up  THAT is diabetes.  again I dont know you dont give enough info to know*

What is the reason of so high value?
later I checked it never went up 10. *I dont understand?*
The sudden jerk of 11.8 gave me a reaction and I loosing normal feeling. *yes suddeen chainges in BG will make you feel bad*

Have I given more humalog  than needed?   *AGAIN INSULIN LOWERS BG  
Are you having a reactive high I DONT KNOW I HAVE NO DATA.

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Unless you give me good info as I showed you
I am NOT going to answer you

If you cant help yourself enough to take good records Im not going to try.

Im sorry you are having a hard life  
until you learn to keep good records so you can see what is happening and draw coralations you will continue to have a hard life.

I showed you haw to keep records.

Answer me this..........  Why have you not read the books?
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I have two problems.  Number one: High blood sugar  Number 2:  Adrenal Malfunction

High blood sugar problem is more or less solved. I do not have high sugar symptoms now.  Now sugar is around 6.5, 7 and 8. I like to stay for a month for toleration of the body.  I am grateful to you for guiding me to lower the sugar

Adrenal malfunction: Due to digestive unbalance, body does not accept all foods. It gives reaction to some foods as it thinks "ALIEN " to it. If I eat that it gives vigourous symptoms though sugar is not high or too low.. It some times reacts to insulin too. It does not accept vegetable protein, high glycemic foods. No whites. It accept low amount low carbohydrate foods with fibers. Not even all vegetables. But it accept animal proteins, only olive oil, no other oils, etc. To I ate one egg, it did not accept favourably. Body started to shake with shortness of breath. I eat only brown rice, cabbage and cauliflower. I will have to discover  those foods, body accept favourably. Other wise lots of unnecessary hormones are secreted and ultimately it becomes furher weak. But if proper sugar level can be maintained, it might be set in future. But it will not be wise to excite the adrenal with wrong food. I will request you to find out which food may be acceptable to body.  I will write about this more in future. This weakness is the result of Metformin  with the skippin of meal. Adrenal has been stressed .
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OK good get used to those numbers (BG) and lower them when you are ready.

Good luck
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Levemir and humalog are working more efficiently why?. I  take only 18 units of levemir at night, I raise sugar to 8 or 8.5 at bed time. Morning time I get 8.6 again

Sugar  befor break fast at 6am 8.6   Ate same carb 40 gram carb  13 unit humalog
7 am sugar 13.2
8:30 am     9
9 am sugar 7
before eating at 11 am  6.2    !2 unit humalog
Before eating at 5 pm  sugar is 5.3  I am giving 11 unit humalog
How Insulin is more powerful with the same gram of carb?

But reducing  sugar in the morning, gives pressure in brain and some other symptoms.

Last 2 days it was going this number. Only morning sugar and after eatin in the morning is high. Probably ther is some mal function. IN the morning , I do not feel that good.  On 18th and 19th almost all were 7 except in the morning. I take 3 units Levimir in at 10:30 am. But I am feeling not that good.

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sTILL i AM HAVING LOT OF SYMPTOMS, thought sugar is not high. Probably it is carb intolerance.  BOdy cannot make enzymes for digestion Please give me a meal plan with less carb.
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again; what is "sugar is not high"?

meal plan  I dont use a meal plan I eat very litle carbs  I had for dinner

salad with Broccoli,  asperigras, onion, cucumber, onion cheese, ham, Jalapeno pepper, and Italian dressing. (I like onion)

231441 tn?1333896366
If you want to avoid carbs, then you avoid the following foods:-

Rice, pasta, breads, potato, any foods made from flours or with added sugars / sweeteners

You limit the following foods:-
Fruit (particularly tropical fruits which are very sweet), instead eat apples, berries, etc. in small portions.
Milk / yoghurt

Your diet will consist of protein (from eggs, meats, nuts),
Dairy - such as cheeses, cream
All other Vegetables
Oily fruit such as avocado, olives
Use coconut oils, olive oils, and any other cold pressed oil
Eat the fat from the meats,

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I am still taking 1b unit of levimir at night. If I have bed time sugar 8.5, I get 7.5 in the morning. I do not to go below 7 at sleeping time. My body does not tolerate at slleping time, it might make me awake. But to day morning I got 6.6 in the morning. I was not feeling that well.

Now last 15 days, after 2 hours of eating, sugar comes down to 7, except in the morning, it becomes 8. after that , before coming to next eating time , it comes 5.5, though I eat a cookie for fear of going low. I do not feel well too. I cannot do any physical movement for fear of being low. I am trying to tolerate to make it acceptable to the body. But sugar at 5,6 or 7 I cannot do that much movement. I reduced humalog 10 units from 13 unit in the morning and noon and 9 units in the evening. and it makes the sugar to 5, 6 and 7.
But physical work or walking makes sugar low quickly. I go to walk, i have to eat atleast 40 gram carb for one hour slow walking. Yesterday at 5 pm I ate and took 9 units of humalog and did some garden work. At 6pm sugar was 7 but at it came down to 3.6. I had to eat quickly. To day at 11am I ate and took 10 unit humalog and cleaned some weeds and went went outside. At . 2 pm, I was not feeling well, I see sugar came down to 4.6. If sugar goes really low, it will harm me too much. Should I reduce humalog or basal insulin?
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You are not low till your BG is under 3.8

If your going to work after eating take less novalog with your food.

Again what was your 5:PM BG?

taking the humalog after eating can cause high 1 hour BG and low 2 hour BG.  Need to take humalog 15 to 20 minutes before eating.
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Hi do you like to know how am doing now, More than a year gone

Avatar universal
Ummm well yes
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when your body is used to high sugar you can feel a low sugar at a higher level than normal people.your low could be anywhere from 80-140 depending how high your sugar has been.i feel low at 100 and severely low at 80.im shaking really bad by the time i get to 80.
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Now blood sugar almost under control. After eating it goes to 9 maximum. Then comes down  to 6.  Morning sugar normally 6.3 to 7.5.

Probably my problem is carbohydrate intolerance. When sugar goes  above 8, I do not feel good, I feel risky to go below 6, if I am driving, or doing physical work.  I can not sleep if sugar is above 9. It gives a sudden jerk at the rapid eye movement period, and I get up. suddenly  It gives blood pressure high ( not too much) Now I eat 200 gram brown rice vegetable, some times I add some protein. At bet time I eat 10 gram carb and chicken leg.

But still I do not  feel 100 percent normal, always I feel little intolerance feeling, stress on eyes (not eye problem). Probably it is for carbohydrate intolerance.  Due to controlled sugar pressure is normal now, but heart rate has come  down .  55 to 65. I am working still.  my work is comparatively heavies. I eat double and less Humalog.

Now I take 29 unit levemir at bed time and 12 unit in the morning and 14 unit of humalog before each meal.

Hi diabete86
I am in trouble again. I did physical work in my workplace, it  made me a hypo, I reduced humalog, eat more food, probably i was in need of reducing morning time levemir 14 unit

I  lost control, Insulin is unbalanced now. I was working with my endo

One time 22&7 unit levemir and 10 unit humalog was working. But one day she reduced humalog to 12 unit only for stress test (Cardio). It went out again
Before I used to take 29 +14 unit levemir and 14 unit humalog

Now I am taking 24 +8 unit levemir and 10 unit humalog.

A week ago, when 22&7 &10 was working, it was making peak at 5pm to 5mmol

But new situation changed,  Yeastarday night bed time sugar was 9, morning time was 8

Morning I ate took 11 unit humalog but after  2 hours it came back to 10, but just a week ago it was ok with 10 unit humalog

Please help me, should I increase Levemir or humalog

I am not feeling well
December 24, 2016
I am Matin34 again. I  am in trouble.  My e-mail ***@****
If you respond I will tell
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