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Can Trama cause Diabetic neuropathy?

Hi All, I have been living with burning pain and numbness for over a year in my left size. I have been a Diabetic under control for over 15 years most of the time with controlled diet now meds. The problem started after I had Angioplasty Surgery that resulted in 6 stents. After I came out of surgery I had a burning in my left leg above the knee. When I asked about it I was told that is was most likely a result of the surgery and would go away. It didn't, but started to grow to where it now burns 24/7 like I have sunburn someone is slapping and my both my feet go numb. Before the surgery I had no symptoms. They have run numerous tests and found nothing. The diagnosis was that it must be my Diabetes so I have Diabetic Neuropathy. I have been given Neurotin 800mg 3X a day but this only relieves some of the numbness not the burning. Any thoughts? Thanks!!!
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During an angioplasty, a catheter (thin tube) is inserted into an artery (usually in your groin) and guided up the blood vessel to the arteries surrounding the heart.

Sometimes, trauma to the femoral NERVE is caused while trying to insert the catheter in the femoral artery...and that can result in neuropathy pain and/or numbness.  Perhaps that's what happened to you since your symptoms started right after you had the angioplaty done.

A neurologist would be able to advice you as to the proper treatment.  Besides medications like Neurontin, there are other options (like nerve blocks).  

Best of luck to you.
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Thanks for the great information! I have had a visit with my doctor and she has ordered a Vascular Ultrasound to take a look at the blood flow in my legs. They have run a number of neurological tests and all have come back normal. Only problem was during a test I do not remember what it is called. They hook up electrodes and shock your nerves and measure the response. I could only take around 45 minutes 1/2 way thru the test because the pain was so intense. They said most people don't even notice the shocks. I was shaking for around 1/2 hours in the waiting room until I could walk. Not Fun :-( So now they are going to run this test. Is there a test for trauma to the femoral NERVE? Thanks again for all your help!
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